Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace
Behind the Palace
Connects ToSei'an City Aristocratic Quarter
Ryoshima Coast (portal)
Notable Inhabitant(s)Okami: Queen Himiko
Okamiden: Miko Cho
ItemsStray Bead

The Imperial Palace is the home of Queen Himiko and it is found at the very end of Sei'an City's Aristocratic Quarter. It is visible from anywhere in the city.


[edit] Access

Even after the green mist has been cleared from Sei'an Amaterasu cannot explore it as it is heavily guarded. Instead she must use Veil of Mist to sneak past the guards and enter the Palace Walls.

[edit] Appearance

The Palace consists of one main building and two smaller store houses on either side. The store houses contain Treasure Chests and even a secret passage that leads behind Ankoku Temple. The main building itself consists of a giant tower, when you enter it there is nothing but an elevator in front of you. The elevator will take you to a passage that you must travel to reach Queen Himiko's Chamber. The passage is filled with Lava though, this lava will injury Amaterasu and burn her lily pads so she must have the Fire Tablet equipped to pass it.
Queen Himiko's Chamber is one massive room with her throne at the very top of it.

The Palace is in front of the sea and you can see this if you travel to the back of it. In the sea there are standing stones and these symbolise the graves of past rulers.

[edit] Okamiden

In Okamiden, the Imperial Palace is now used as an area for Miko training.

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