Indestructible Enemies

Indestructible enemies are not so much immortal, but, rather Amaterasu cannot kill them with her Celestial Brush or Divine Instrument. They must be killed with special series of attacks, or even items and some can not be killed at all. They are found outside of Demon Scrolls, similar to Sentry Beasts


[edit] Blockheads

First EncounterTsuta Ruins
WeaknessesWeak Points

Blockheads can only be killed by dotting all of their weak points with the Celestial Brush in the right order.If this is not done correctly, they will summon a rock avalanche that can be easily dodged, other than this they are completely harmless. There are four in total, one in Tsuta Ruins, Kusa Village, Oni Island and Kamui.

[edit] Cursed Trees

Cursed Trees
First EncounterHana Valley
WeaknessesBloom, Deflected Projectiles
Weapon(s)Fruit, Branches

Cursed Trees, also know as Demon Trees, are found all over Nippon, but are first encountered in Hana Valley. They attack by either hurling projectiles at Amaterasu from afar or hitting her with their branches if she gets too close. They can only be killed by Power Slashing back the piece of fruit they throw, this will stun them and Amaterasu can then Bloom them. This will turn them into a regular fruit tree and Amaterasu will get Food and Praise for doing so. However, Amaterasu can simply just run past them if she does not wish to do this. Once they have been returned to a normal tree, they will not become cursed again.

[edit] Greater Monster

Greater Monster
First EncounterSunken Ship
WeaknessesSpiked Barrels

This is found in the bottom room of the Sunken Ship. It resembles a seaweed monster and will hurt Amaterasu if she touches it. It is immobile but seems to pulsate. It can be killed by draining the room of water and rolling over it a few times with a spiked barrel. When the room is flooded with water, it will create hands of seaweed to try and hurt Amaterasu. If Amaterasu is in the water, the hands with rise up beneath her and try to squish her in their grasp. If she is walking on the bridge that travels horizontally across the room, they will sweep across the bridge in a slapping motion. Amaterasu can easily jump the hands as their fingers are often bent back to leave a jumpable gap.

[edit] Ghosts

First EncounterSunken Ship
WeaknessesRao's Prayer Slips

These are found on the Sunken Ship, you can kill them with one of Rao's Prayer Slips. The frightening ghosts of the Spider Queen and Crimson Helm are also found Although they are completely harmless, they can take over the whole of the screen, including the Celestial Brush screen, making them more an annoyance than a threat. If the ghosts of Green Imps latch onto Amaterasu they can prevent her moving and she might risk drowning

[edit] Lockjaws

First EncounterTsuta Ruins

Lockjaws are enemies that attach themselves to doors to keep them locked. They have a single eye which you must pierce with an Exorcism Arrow, which should usually be found nearby, as this will kill them. However they are harmless and if tackled or hit with a Brush Technique they will simply tease Amaterasu by sticking out their tongue and laughing. They know their weakness and will struggle and shake with fear if the Exorcism Arrow is brought near them.

Tsuta Ruins
Gale Shrine
Moon Cave
Inside the Water Dragon
Four in Oni Island
Two Wawku Shrine

[edit] Spiders

There are three types of Spiders, Blocking, Platform and Flame. None of them can be killed by Amaterasu but she can slow them down with Blizzard or Veil of Mist. Flame and Blocking Spiders will hurt Amaterasu on contact but Platform spiders cannot hurt her unless they toss her off in a dangerous area. Blocking Spiders are only encountered when Amaterasu travels inside The Emperor and they will not attempt to block her way until she enters the room where Kasugami's constellation is found. Flame Spiders must be frozen with Blizzard before Amaterasu attempts to step on one.

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