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Ink Bullet is a unconventional Brush Technique. It is not learned from a Brush God however it uses ink and the Celestial Brush. Instead Amaterasu can only use if she has equipped one of the following Weapons as either main or sub:

[edit] Use

Ink Bullet can be used by having one of the above Weapons equipped. Then using the Celestial Brush Amaterasu must draw a series of dots on the enemy. The target is then hit by a series of bullets which also render it immobile. The amount of ink used depends on how many dots were drawn. Some stronger enemies and bosses are immune to the effects of Ink Bullet.
The attack will also fail if the ink on the Celestial Brush is any other colour than black as this will cause another brush technique such as Waterspout or Greensprout to happen.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Okami Artbook mentions that the Rosary Devout Beads also grants Ink Bullet when used as a sub however this is not the case when you try to use it.
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