Itegami in Okami
RaceBrush God
LocationWawku Shrine
Brush TechniqueBlizzard

Itegami is an Okami-exclusive Brush God and he is the final Brush God you will meet. He takes the appearance of a large white ox and has the distinctive red markings that all the other gods carry. He is wearing a light blue belt and has what appears to be a net full of snow around his neck.
He is found in Wawku Shrine, trapped by demons in a machine that is blowing snow and ice over Kamui.

[edit] Blizzard Brush Technique

He teaches the Blizzard brush stroke, which will freeze anything it touches. However, an ice source is needed for the stroke to work. The frozen items can then be used to freeze other things, but be warned: it will eventually wear off. After Itegami teaches you Blizzard, you automatically learn the Secret Brush Technique Icestorm. Icestorm works by drawing an "X" on enemies; the enemy is frozen and then badly damaged. However, the larger the "X", the more ink pots used up. It varies from 3-9.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Celestial Brush's Holy Smoke turns dark blue when placed over an ice source.
  • You obtain the Divine Instrument Solar Flare Reflector after you have freed Itegami, as he calls upon all the Brush Gods to give it to you.
  • If you use Blizzard when attacking Yami's core, Oki will come and attack the core for you. Oki's attack will do much more damage.
  • The Ox is the zodiac sign for December, which explains Itegami's icy powers.
  • The word Ite comes from the verb Iteru, meaning to freeze.
  • As Blizzard does not appear in Okamiden, ice can be used as a source of water for Waterspout rather than ice for Blizzard.
  • Using Blizzard on a character will turn them into a snowman for a short period of time.

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