Choosing an Item
Obtained FromMerchants
Treasure Chests
Obtainable InOkami

Many items can be found in a variety of different ways during the course of the game, although they are not required to beat the game they are very useful. They can be obtained by:

Items can also be obtained by performing a specific action such as learning a new Dojo Technique in which you will obtain a Holy Bone M, fighting a Dogu for the first time will earns you a Golden Peach and the last round of a Devil Gate Trial will also net you a Golden Peach.

[edit] Storage and Use

All obtained Items will automatically be added to your Inventory which can be accessed via the Fan Menu. Only 99 of each Item can be stored in the Inventory and any more will just disappear. To use them you simply select it's icon and click on it. If you cannot use a particular Item, this will happen if you run out of a certain item or if the proper conditions for it's use are not in place, the icon will still be there but grayed out.

Just below the Items you will see the Key Items they cannot be used like Items instead they are used automatically when it is the correct time. The icons are simply there to show ownership.

You can sell your extra items back to a Merchant for half the buying price. However the exceptions to this are Gold Dust an anything bought with Demon Fangs. These will stay with Amaterasu till she uses them.

All items will be carried over to a new game except Mermaid Coins. You will not be able to get these in your new game until you complete the Digging Mini Game in Sasa Sanctuary.

Items that can only be used in battle such as Sake can only be used once. If you use Steel Fist Sake to power up your attack you must wait until it's effects have worn off before using another one. However you can use Steel Fist Sake to power up your attack and Steel Soul Sake to power up your defense at the same time. Items can also only be dusted with Gold Dust once.

[edit] List of Items

Name Buy/Sell Description
Feedbag (Seeds) 500/250 "Freshly roasted seeds that seed loving animals can't resist."
Feedbag (Herbs) 500/250 "Sweet herbs. Popular among herbivorous animals."
Feedbag (Meat) 500/250 "Fresh red meat. Irresistible to carnivorous animals."
Feedbag (Fish) 500/250 "Fresh fish. Irresistible to animals who dine on fish."
Holy Bone S 500/250 "Amaterasu's favorite snack. Restores 3 units of Solar Energy."
Holy Bone M 1500/750 "Amaterasu's favorite snack. Restores 10 units of Solar Energy."
Holy Bone L 2500/1250 "Amaterasu's favorite snack. Completely restores Solar Energy."
Exorcism Slip S 4000/2000 "Paper depicting holy incantation. Slightly damages nearby enemies."
Exorcism Slip M 7000/3500 "Paper depicting holy incantation. Moderately damages nearby enemies."
Exorcism Slip L 10000/5000 "Paper depicting holy incantation. Greatly damages nearby enemies."
Vengeance Slip 10000/5000 "Paper depicting karmic backlash. Temporarily deflects enemy attacks."
Inkfinity Stone 5000/2500 "Stone with limitless source. Temporarily enjoy infinite ink."
Traveler's Charm 3 Demon Fangs "Protects travelers from danger. Increases Godhood by 1 level."
Godly Charm 8 Demon Fangs "Charm imbued with the breath of the gods. Increases godhood to max."
Steel Fist Sake 2000/1000 "Sake brewed with the spirit of steel. Temporarily increases Attack Power."
Steel Soul Sake 1000/500 "Sake brewed with the spirit of steel. Temporarily increases defense."
Gold Dust 5000~2500 "Powder made from golden earth that unleashes the potential of weapons."
Mermaid Coin 1000/500 "Toss into Mermaid Springs to teleport to other locations."
Golden Peach 15 Demon Fangs "Mystical fruit that fills the Astral Pouch instantaneously."

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