Kabegami in Okami
RaceBrush God
LocationCatcall Tower
Brush TechniqueCatwalk

Kabegami is an Okami-exclusive Brush God and she is the god that holds the power of Catwalk. She has the same look as all the other gods: white fur with red markings. She sits on a painting with a giant Koi atop the frame. In order to free her, Amaterasu needs to climb to the top of the seemingly infinite Catcall Tower and feed the cat on the very top level.

[edit] Catwalk Brush Technique

This Celestial Brush technique is a very unique one. It allows Amaterasu to climb walls, but only if there is a Kabegami statue nearby. The player can use the brush to draw a line from the statue and up a wall. The path that the brush took will then be covered in glowing orange paw prints, but be warned: its effects will fade eventually.

[edit] Trivia

  • Even though all Brush Gods are based on the Chinese Zodiac, the cat is not actually part of it. The legend goes that the rat tricked the cat and took its place, as it told the cat it would have time to go for a nap before the selections for the Zodiac took place. The cat did not wake up in time for the race, and this is why cats and rats are mortal enemies. However, as the cat is a part of the legend, it was included. Also, in the Vietnamese Zodiac, the cat takes the place of the rabbit.
  • The word Kabe means wall.
  • Kabegami statues are marked as a paw print on the map of the area Amaterasu is currently in.

[edit] Gallery

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