Playhouse Actress Kagura
LocationSei'an City
Travelling around Nippon with Chibiterasu
FamilyParents: Tsuruya and Kiko

Kagura, Kagu in English versions, is a character from Okamiden. She is a little girl who travels with Chibiterasu as his partner, like Kuni, Nanami, Manpuku and Kurow. She usually refers to Chibiterasu as "Pooch".
She is first met in Sei'an City where she is a popular actress in the Playhouse her parents, Tsuruya and Kiko, own.

Because she is a famous actress she can be bratty and bad tempered. She gets mad at Chibiterasu for taking too long to rescue her when he first meets, showing an impatient streak. She expects everyone to listen to her and follow her commands immediately. However as the story progresses she matures greatly. Her redeeming feature is her love for her parents and her willingness to do anything to save those she loves.


[edit] Powers

She has strong Miko powers and Chibiterasu can see things that would normally be invisible by using her powers, these are called Spirit Floors. Chibiterasu can see these Spirit Floors while Kagu is on his back. However, the path Kagu is to follow must be drawn from memory, as the Floors disappear when Kagu dismounts for Guidance. She fights using her fans and a Rosary style whip made of cherry blossoms. She also has the power to purify evil using Prayer Slips. Her Prayer Slips can be used to dispel evil meaning they stun Demons and must be used to banish the evil that prevents Chibiterasu from damaging Renjishi's weak points. After King Fury is defeated, she gives Chibiterasu a prayer slip. This prayer slip allows Chibiterasu to warp between Ultimate Origin Mirrors while he is partnered with her.

However she is embarrassed about her powers and hates them because they make her different to everyone else. She threatens everyone that sees them to keep quiet and she used to prey every day for them to disappear. However, with Chibiterasu's help and inspiration, as he risks his life for her, she accepts her powers and she realises that by being an actress she was always going to be different. She gives up acting to properly train to be a Miko. Her parents readily accept her decision and tell her that their theater will always be there when she decided to return to acting. When we first meet her she empathises with Chibiterasu, commenting that his "gaudy markings" must make him feel different from the other "dogs" and that she knows how it feels.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Partnering Up

Kagu is first met in Sei'an City's Commoner's Quarters where she is being attacked by Imps. After Chibiterasu rescues her, they partner up, as she asks for his help in saving her family and fellow actresses from Demons. Raiden then shows them a secret "Spirit Floor" entrance into the Playhouse as it is locked.

In order to fight the bosses Sen and Ryo, a number of conditions must be met. First they must set four stage-hands free from demonic possession which sets a stage that entices the bosses out for battle. They must also rescue captives in the Playhouse, such as Miko Cho who gives her the Miko Costume, to ensemble an audience for the battle. When this is completed they can finally fight the bosses. Sen and Ryo must be battled separately first and they will each control giant stage puppets. They must be then battled again, together, where they both possess the stage puppet, Renjishi. During the battle, Kagu awakens her Miko powers and this enables Kagu to see the weak points of the dolls and their invisible protective shields. Chibiterasu cannot see these when Kagu is dismounted so she must be rescued each time the puppets steal her away.

Kagu is reunited with her parents after the defeat of Sen and Ryo and she is once again hailed as a theatre star. However, the happiness does not last for long. Miko Cho gives her the Enchantment Slip to free the rest of the Commoner's Quarters from evil. However it is not strong enough to banish King Fury upon his appearance. Although Kagu is not strong enough to defeat him, he acknowledges the strength of her powers and menacingly says he will steal them.

Miko Cho then commends Kagu on her Miko Powers and she leaves to start her training in the old Imperial Palace. She is not seen again till King Fury inflicts another curse upon Sei'an City and Miko Cho sends her to find Chibiterasu so he can help her sick Father. King Fury the kidnaps her and brings her to the Moon Tribe Ruins in North Ryoshima Coast. When Chibiterasu and Kurow free her, they become partnered again. She gives Chibiterasu the Prayer Slip that allows warping when they are partnered. She is then changed for Kurow again at Sugawara's grave.

Kagu is not met again till the end of the game where she teams up with Nanami and Manpuku to help Chibiterasu in his fight against the possessed Kuni, Kurow and Akuro in the Dark Realm. She helps Chibiterasu fight Renjishi and King Fury, however, Chibiterasu must first fight a Black Imp first to rescue her. She is later kidnapped by Akuro, leaving Chibiterasu to fight his final battles alone but is freed upon his death.

In the end scene, she can be seen in the Playhouse, happily dancing in front of a huge audience.

[edit] Appearance

She is a young girl with black hair. She wears a pink, sleeveless Kimono style dress and black tights as her stage clothes and has a pink cherry blossom headdress in her hair. Her Miko clothes include a pink kimono top and red pants and she wears bells in her hair.

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