TypeHub Area
Connects ToShinshu Field
Notable Inhabitant(s)Oki
Blockhead Grande
Igloo Turtle
Bull Charger
Great Tengu
ItemsCherry Bomb 2 Brush Technique
Stray Beads
Wanted List
Sun Fragment

Kamui is an Okami exclusive area. It is the most Northern Place in all of Nippon, on the world map the area is it's own island. The lands are icy cold and barren, however they are home to the Oina Tribe. Every year they perform a Volcanic Incantation to warm the land and make it fertile.
Kamui is the origin of all creation however it is also the origin of all the evil in the world as the Demons come from the Ark of Yamato.

Amaterasu can only go to Kamui after clearing Oni Island this is because a wide variety of Brush Techniques are needed to access it. First she must go to Shinshu Field and climb the high ledge to the east by using Catwalk. Then she needs to travel to the metal mound and direct lightning from the clouds to the rod on top of it, this opens the door to the path leading to Kamui.

When Amaterasu first enters Kamui she will be challenged to two battles by Oki and after she defeats him he will explain why the already snowy Kamui is experiencing a blizzard like one that has never been seen before. After this she must find the Guardian Sapling and revive it to clear Kamui from the curse that is hampering Amaterasu further exploration.

As Kamui is one of the Game Hubs it features a lot of things such as, an Ultimate Origin Mirror, a Dojo, two Divine Springs, a Guardian Sapling and a Mermaid Spring (however it will not appear until Amaterasu defeats the Demon Gate).
It has sidequests and Mini Games such as, a Fishing Spot, a Devil Gate Trial Cave, a Wanted List, a racing mini game, and your final encounter with a Blockhead.
Outside of Wep'keer it has a small settlement of Oina and other people.

Portal to Kamui from Shinshu Field

It has a lot of connections to other places, Wep'keer on an uphill path to the North and Shinshou Field to the South. Past Wep'keep you can go to Ezofuji, Wawku Shrine and the Ark of Yamato. After gaining the Sewaprolo, Amaterasu can head back to Kamui's main area where she can travel to Yoshpet, Ponc'tan and the Spirit Gate.

[edit] Name Origin

Kamui is Ainu for God.

[edit] Trivia

  • Power Slashing the training log in Oki's house will reveal an owl carving.

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