RaceBrush God
LocationThe Emperor's Palace
Brush TechniqueVeil of Mist

Kasugami is an Okami-exclusive Brush God and she grants Amaterasu the Celestial Brush Technique Veil of Mist. She takes the form of a sheep and she has the same white fur and red markings that all the Brush Gods have. She carries a bottle on her back, which is filled with a mysterious liquid that she drinks often. The liquid is presumed alcoholic because she is unsteady on her feet and belches a strange, purple gas. Her constellation is found in Sei'an City after you free her from a bottle in the Emperor's palace.

[edit] Veil of Mist Brush Technique

The Veil of Mist brush stroke allows Amaterasu to slow down the passage of time for 4 seconds. During this time, Amaterasu herself can move normally. This stroke is vital to the games, as many enemies need to be slowed down in order to be attacked. After learning this attack, Amaterasu can learn the useful move Mist Warp. She learns this by buying the Fog Pot from the Emperor of Sei'an City for 80 Demon Fangs. Mist Warp allows her to warp from one Ultimate Origin Mirror to another by drawing an "X" on it.

[edit] Trivia

  • If the player uses Veil of Mist during their fight with Yami, Queen Himiko will appear and give Ammy several Solar Orbs.
  • The word Kasumi, from which Kasugami gets her name, means mist.
  • The Kanji for "stillness" will appear on screen after meeting Kasugami.

[edit] Gallery

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