Kazegami and his child in Okamiden
RaceBrush God
LocationOkami: Gale Shrine
Okamiden: Demon Market
Brush TechniqueGalestorm

Kazegami is the Brush God of wind. He takes the form of a horse and, like all Brush Gods, he is white with red markings. He has a blue saddle upon his back and the saddle has a spear and shield sticking up from it. His constellation is found in Kusa Village after you climb to the top of its giant windmill and fix the eerie wind.


[edit] Galestorm Brush Technique

Kazegami teaches Amaterasu the Galestorm attack, which is probably the most versatile brush stroke. The way it is drawn affects the direction the wind blows; if it is drawn in a loop the wind blows sideways on the direction of the stroke, and if it is drawn in a spiral the wind blows forward. It can be used for the following things:

  • It can be used to blow out flames.
  • It can roll giant balls.
  • It can blow Water Lily pads across water.
  • It will knock flying enemies out of the air.
  • During a Digging mini-game, it can be used to blow your partner over gaps and spikes.

Galestorm also has an upgrade called Whirlwind. This Secret Brush Technique can be learned by fishing at North Ryoshima Coast. It works by drawing three horizontal lines. A whirlwind will consume Amaterasu and damage any foes that she touches. It takes three ink pots to draw. Drawing longer lines means a stronger but shorter attack.

[edit] Okamiden

Kazegami reappears in Okamiden with his child Ko-Kazegami. Ko-Kazegami takes the form of a foal similar in appearance to his father. However, instead of a spear and shield on his saddle, he has a small green toy windmill. They are encountered after Chibiterasu finds and fixes Kurow's wings in Demon Market.

Chibiterasu learns the Secret Brush Technique Whirlwind by buying it from the Shaman in Yakushi Village.

[edit] Trivia

  • The word Kaze means wind.
  • The Kanji for "Wind" will appear on screen after meeting Kazegami.

[edit] Gallery

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