RaceMoon Tribe
LocationRyoshima Coast
Travelling Nippon
FamilyWaka (template)

Kurow is a young boy in Okamiden who is one of Chibiterasu's partners. He landed in North Ryoshima Coast from a falling star. He also speaks rather strangely, using terms like "Dude" and "awesome". He refers to Chibiterasu as "dude" or "boy".

Although he has golden hair, looks strikingly like Waka and carries a Moon Tribe pendant, he is not who he initially appears to be. Even Issun comments that he looks remarkably like Waka, however Kurow does not even know who he is. However, we eventually learn that Kurow was created by Waka to be a living doll. His sole purpose in life was to become a vessel that Akuro could not control upon possession. As he knew his whole purpose was to sacrifice himself for the good of Nippon, he purposely made no friends and joined the side of evil. Chibiterasu is sadly forced to kill him as it is the only way to defeat Akuro.


[edit] Abilities

Kurow can float

He forces Chibiterasu to partner up with him. He fights with Chibiterasu by playing his flute as the notes will hurt Demons. He is never seen walking, instead he floats over the ground. Chibiterasu can utilise this power as he can use Guidance to lead Kurow right over gaps. This is different to Kagu's power as she could only cross gaps that had Spirit bridges. Later in the game, he learns how to fly properly with wings he finds in the Moon Tribe Ruins.

Like Waka, Kurow is very graceful. He can use his flute like a helicopter and when Chibiterasu throws him up in the air so that he will land on his back, Kurow flies up in the air and descends slowly, showing that he has powers much like Waka's ability to fly.

We learn that Kurow cannot swim, when he and Chibiterasu travel nine months into the past and land in the sea beside the Goryeo. We also see that he perhaps has a phobia of water, as he is reluctant to travel on the Water Dragon to Sage Shrine, instead making up an excuse to look for information on the Knowing Orb elsewhere.

[edit] Personality

He is very cocky however he can get very nervous around pretty girls and says he has never gone on a date. However he also has a strong sense of justice. Sadly, Kurow is very self conscious. He admits that he does not believe in anyone or anything, including himself and that he has no real friends. We later see that behind his cocky exterior, he is really very cowardly. He later betrays Chibiterasu to join Akuro, although we find out it is just an act. Upon his death, Kurow finally realises that although he is just a doll created by Waka, he is his own person with his own beliefs and memories and he thanks Chibiterasu for this before dying.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Kurou and Chibiterasu partner up

Chibiterasu first meets Kurow at the former Royal Palace in Sei'an City. He claims he can see Chibiterasu's Celestial Markings as he calls them "crazy war paint". As he feels a vibe between the two of them, he jumps on Chibiterasu and forces him into becoming his partner. The duo then have to run away from Royal Guards who have been chasing Kurow. He offers no explanation, only commenting that they would have locked him up forever. While Kurow explains that he arrives in Nippon from a shooting star an exhausted Lady Scholar collapses in front of them. She explains that she has found out King Fury is really the supposedly deceased Sugawara and that she has left Gen in the ruins they were exploring. They agree to help her but as soon as they try to leave Sei'an City King Fury inflicts a curse on the City and kidnaps Kagu as her Miko powers have been awakened.

They go to see Sugawara's grave, where they find an amulet much like the amulet Kurow is wearing that is crested with the Moon Tribe's symbol. There, they encounter Issun who comments that Kruow bears a striking resemblance to Waka, although Kurow denies even knowing him. They explore the ruins together. Kurow even finds a pair of wings which he can use to fly Chibiterasu over gaps.

After clearing the ruins, they try to fly to Thundercloud, however they get blown to Agata Forest, with Kurow loosing the wings in the journey. They visit the Demon Market, where they find the Green Imp? who has the wings. They fight him to get them back and although they succeed the wings loose a feather during the scuffle. They find a new feather in the Witch Queen's Throne Room, where Chibiterasu then learns Galestorm. Then with Chibiterasu's newly obtained Galestorm Brush Technique, Kurow tells him to play a trick on Imps, however their masks are blown away and they are attacked by the Witch Queen. An enraged Witch Queen then chases them, in a Racing Minigame, out of the Market. After they make their escape, the duo can now travel to Thundercloud using the wings and Galestorm.

Upon reaching the Thunders, who are holding a band practice, they challenged Chibiterasu and Kurow's musical abilities. Chibiterasu must use Power Slash to hit music notes which produce Spirit Orbs that they collect. When they prove their love for music, by getting enough Spirit Orbs, Chibiterasu learns the Thunderstorm brush technique.

When they return to the ruins, they must battle King Fury to stop a rabbit style doll from escaping. Kurow's amulet has the power to absorb King Fury's dark attacks. When they finally leave the ruins, Kurow tidies up Sugawara's grave with the help of the Scholar Lady. Chibiterasu partners up again with the newly freed Kagu. Once Kagu leaves to start her Miko training, they pair up again.

Using Gen's time machine, they travel nine months back to the past to find a way to stop Akuro. They land in the sea beside the Goryeo and the captain Captain helps them on board. Chibiterasu is forced to partner up with Nanami as he needs to search Sage Shrine for the Knowing Jewel and Kurow leaves to find out information on his own.

After learning about Akuro from the Jewel, Chibiterasu returns to the ships that is now being attacked by the Water Dragon. However Kurow convinces Chibiterasu to leave and let the crew fight the dragon by themselves. Captain offers to look after the Lucky Mallet as Kurow cannot fly Chibiterasu with it.

They then travel to Shinshu Field where they meet a frightened Susano and save Kuni from drowning. They then explore Moon Cave together, however, Kurow gets caught in a trap, and Chibiterasu must complete the Cave alone to find a key. When Kurow is free, they travel to Orochi's layer where they see Amaterasu, Issun and Susano after defeating Orochi. Kurow and Chibiterasu manage to stop Akuro from bathing in the blood of Orochi and then they follow him through a gap in time to Kamiki Village 100 years in the past.

They then have to stop Akuro from bathing in True Orochi's blood. However, when in Shinshu Field, Kurow has to leave as he gets a message from his amulet. Chibiterasu meets him again after he rescues Charity with Manpuku, however, he has a completely different personality, talking about fate, and how you almost don't have a choice. Eventually, though, the duo make it to the balcony.

While chasing after Akuro, Chibiterasu prevents a boulder from crushing Kurow, but because of this, Akuro manages to bathe in the blood of True Orochi and return to full power. As Akuro flies away to obtain a Vessel of Light, Kurow decides to chase after him.

When Chibiterasu arrives at the Moon Cave with Ishaku, it is revealed that Kurow decided to work for Akuro, who has possessed Kuni as his Vessel of Light. After explaining how Chibiterasu was unknowingly working for Akuro the entire time, Akuro sucks them all into the Dark Realm

Once there, Kurow tells Chibiterasu how he is not worthy to fight Akuro. When Chibiterasu and Ishaku try to to summon a partner, Kurow manages to put a stop to it. However, this does not work, as Nanami, Kagu, and Manpuku arrive. After Akuro splits them up, he and Kurow fly away.

Later on, Chibiterasu meets him again, and, after explaining how he is alone, fights him. When he is defeated, he will lament upon how he is a friendless coward and that he didn't even believe in himself. However Chibiterasu forgives him, and leaves to fight Akuro.

Later on, when Chibiterasu defeats Dark Chibiterasu and rescued the now-unpossessed Kuni, Kurow volunteers to be Akuro's Vessel of Light. However, he cannot control Kurow. This is because Kurow's sole purpose in life was to be a vessel that Akuro cannot control, as he was actually a doll made after Waka. Because he knew he would have to sacrifice himself for the death of Akuro, he purposely stayed a loner and made no friends. Chibiterasu is sadly forced to kill him to kill Akuro.

Afterwards, he is seen laying down, dying, surrounded by his friends, as he tells them they all did well. But as he is dying, his pendant starts to glow. It shows all the memories he has from his travels with Chibiterasu. He realises that although he is just a doll, he is his own person with his own feelings, memories, and a heart. He thanks Chibiterasu for showing him his true path in life before passing on.

[edit] Fighting Style

When battling him, he fights much like Waka. His flute, like Pillowtalk, has a sword however, this time it is a sword at both ends. It will glow red when he is about to attack. He is extremely agile and can be hard to hit because he will fly with his wings. Occasionally he will stun himself with some of his attacks. The fight has three phases and he will get faster and increase the amount of swords he throws during each phase. When he glows green, his speed increases dramatically.

Kurow relies solely on his sword attacks. He can attack by quickly slashing his sword at Chibiterasu in a combo move which must be dodged. He can also do a spinning attack where he spins at Chibiterasu while pointing his sword, this must also be dodged. His final attack is where he summons swords to fire at Chibiterasu. Using Power Slash to reflect them back at him will stun him and leave him vulnerable to attack.

Bestiary Entry
"This is Kurow in full battle mode. His wings allow him to fly where he pleases, or so he believes. His eyes burn with a passion and knowledge unknown to most humans."

[edit] Quotes

"Wait up, dude! We're gonna get lost or something if we, like, split up."

"Yo, boy! DOn't go and leave a bro hanging!"

"You are SO magically delicious, lady!"

"I'm your's truly!"

"OK... Here we go! Ta-da!"

"Now it's time for me to carry you around."

"That totally blows..."

"Sugawara... So he's like me..."

"Hang on little dude!"


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