Lady Scholar

Lady Scholar
LocationSei'an City
North Ryoshima Coast

The Lady Scholar is a character in Okamiden. She studies the history of Nippon, but outside of this, she has no other interests. She feels she has a great sense of responsibility to others, up to the point where she will risk her own life for them. She devotes all of her time to her studies and thinks about her research constantly. As a result of this, she has never gone on a date. However, she has had plenty of male attention. She just never realizes that she is being asked out on a date, so she turns them down.

Kurow is very much smitten with her, and, after being asked, she accepts to go on a date with him after he has rescued Gen.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Chibiterasu and Kurow first run into her after they have escaped from the guards in Sei'an City Aristocratic Quarters. She explains how she left Gen trapped in the ruins they were exploring, as she has just found out the supposedly dead Sugawara is actually King Fury. Kurow is immediately smitten over her, so he vows to get Gen back for her.

When Kurow and Chibiterasu return from Thundercloud, she will be in the Ruins to try and save Gen. Kurow convinces her to leave, but not before asking her out on a date, which she accepts. Then, after Chibiterasu and Kurow have explored the ruins and beaten King Fury, she will help Kurow tidy up Sugawara's grave.

She is there when Akuro first appears, and she also goes to Gen's building when Chibi and Kurow go back to the past. After this, she is never officially seen in the game again, however, she is mentioned by Kagu while Kurow is dying. Also, at the game's ending scenes, she can be seen at Sugawara's grave, thinking about Kurow.

[edit] Trivia

  • We never learn of her real name as she refuses to give it to Kurow until he goes on the date with her that he promised. However, as Chibiterasu and Kurow never make it back to the present before Kurow sadly dies, the date never happens so her name remains a mystery.
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