Lucky Coins

Lucky Coins
TypePower Up
Obtained FromRewards
Treasure Chests
Demon Drop
Obtainable InOkamiden

Lucky Coins are an item exclusive to Okamiden. They can be used by Chibiterasu, in conjunction with Demon Parts, to upgrade his Weapons. The blacksmith in Yakushi Village will increase his inventory after Chibiterasu has supplied him with the requested amount of them. This means new upgrades will become available for crafting. However he will only set up shop after Chibiterasu has convinced at least one person to migrate to the village. Only five coins are needed to unlock all the upgrades although many more can be obtained. Giving a Lucky Coin to the Blacksmith will also net Chibiterasu some Praise.

[edit] Lucky Coin Locations

Yakushi Village

  • Save the injured crane near the entrance to Agata Forest. A woman in one of the houses will say she knew the crane he rescued and will tell Chibiterasu she has a present for him before running upstairs. If Chibiterasu disobeys her wishes and follows her upstairs before she is ready, she will turn into a crane and fly away. If he waits until she is ready, he will receive a Lucky Coin.

5-Story Pagoda

  • Found in the upper right hand corner of the fourth room on the third floor.


  • Below the stairs in the fourth room on the second floor.

Moon Tribe Ruins

  • Found where there is a fan on a left ledge in the second area on the floor below Basement 6
  • Enter a Demon Scroll where two Dokuro can be encountered on the floor where the entrance to the boss room is. Defeating both of them will cause a Lucky Coin to appear as a dropped item.


  • Use the cannon to blow up a wall in the fourth area under the decks.

Moon Cave

  • Found 9 months into the past in the treasure room on the first floor.

Shinshu Field

  • Found 100 years in the past behind a bombable wall in the circle of rocks near the entrance to Kamiki Village.

Ice Room

  • Found in the Ice room in Moon Cave 100 years in the past in the fourth room of the upper level. It is in the room featuring many cannons on the upper right ice floe.
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