Mermaid Spring

Mermaid Spring
FoundAll over Nippon
An activated spring

Mermaid Springs only found in Okami. They are divine portals that allow teleportation between eight other Mermaid Springs that you have seen or used. They are found in lakes except that the portal is visible as swirling green hoops on the surface of the water. They are inaccessible until you have revived the area's Guardian Sapling and even after this you usually have to clear a nearby obstacle such as a Demon Gate or Digging Mini Game before they appear. The are also visible on the map screen in the main menu.

A Mermaid Coin

You cannot use them until you toss a Mermaid Coin into them. Your first Mermaid coin is obtained in Sasa Sanctuary from Mr. Bamboo when you learn the Water Spout brush technique. Although you see some Mermaid Springs before this you cannot us them till you have obtained your first Mermaid Coin, then after this Mermaid coins are available to buy from Merchants or can be found in Treasure Chests.
If you gain the Secret Brush Technique Fountain you can teleport between Mermaid Springs without using a Mermaid Coin just by drawing a circle around it.

The markings that signify a Mermaid Spring can also be found on land in the Water Dragon and Madame Fawn's house. However these do not teleport but instead heal Amaterasu's solar energy.

[edit] Okamiden

Mermaid Springs do not appear in Okamiden. However, Kagu's Prayer Slips can be used for teleportation.

[edit] Location of Mermaid Springs

Shinshu Field: Clear the Demon Gate near the Onigiri-Sensei's Dojo.

Taka Pass: Clear the Demon Gate near the waterfall in the main field.

Sasa Sanctuary: Found in the Hot Springs behind the inn after you beat Mr. Bamboo's digging Mini Game.

South Ryoshima Coast: Clear the Demon Gate near the entrance to North Ryoshima Coast.

Sei'an City: In a pond near Benkei's permanent fishing spot.

North Ryoshima Coast: In the highest pool of the waterfall right behind the Merchant, it can be used immediately.

Dragon Palace: Complete the digging Mini Game in the dancer's garden.

Kamui: Found in the frozen waterfall after beating the nearby Demon Gate.

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