First AppearanceOkami
Location(s)Taka Pass
DistinctionsClaws, brown fur, burrowing, numbered shirts
Famous MembersMoley, Molsters

A group of Moles who call themselves The Molsters can be found in Taka Pass in Okami. The group consists of four moles, all called Lil' Moley, and their leader Moley. All of the Lil' Moley wear similar shirts, only differing from each other because of the Kanji printed on them. Each of the shirts has a different number from 1 to 4 wrote on it in Kanji and none of the moles wear the same shirt.

After clearing the Cursed Zone, Amaterasu must chase them around as the pop in and out of their holes and headbutt their leader in order to retrieve goods they have stolen. After you headbutt Moley three times he will drop the Golden Teacup which can be given to the Tea Master near the entrance to Taka Pass and he will give you the Golden Mushroom in return. This can be given to Yama to learn Fireburst.

Even after you have gotten the Golden Teacup you can play with them, as Moley admits he is lonely and that is why he started causing trouble. Hitting them will earn you a piece of Treasure, however it will always be a vase.

The Molster's House

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