Mr. Flower

Mr. Flower
Blossom Protector Mr. Flower
LocationSei'an City

Mr. Flower is an old man who resides in the Commoner's Quarters of Sei'an City. Amaterasu can earn Praise if she assists him in the Gura Shuffle. His house is found at the north east of the city, it is distinguishable as it has a giant Cherry Blossom tree growing in it. He also has one on the top of his head.
The inside of his house contains more Cherry Trees and a Stray Bead found hidden behind a fake wall.

First Amaterasu must restore all of the non cursed Cherry Blossom trees in Sei'an City and return back to Mr. Flower. He will then run around the Commoner's Quarters using his dance, the Gura Shuffle, to bloom the cursed trees but Amaterasu must give him a helping hand using Bloom.

After this is done Amaterasu can help the Blossom's Papa in the west of the city get better again as, even though Amaterasu has given him medicine, he will not get out of bed until he sees the Cherry Blossom trees. This also earns Amaterasu Praise.

[edit] Based On

Mr Flower is based on the Japanese folk story called Hanasaka-Jiji or The Man Who Made Blossoms Bloom. The story goes that one day an old woman is at the river when a peach comes floating by. She picks up the peach and brings it home. When her husband arrives home, he asks if they have anything to eat. She tells him that she found a peach however when they go to eat it they see it has transformed into a dog. One day the dogs leads the old man to a place in the mountain where he finds treasure. The treasure makes him very rich and his greedy old neighbour takes the dog so he will find riches for him. The dog leads the greedy man to the same place but instead of treasures the man finds horrible monsters. The greedy man kills the dog and places a willow stick in the ground where he buries it. When the old man comes asking for his dog back the greedy man tells him where he is buried. The old man takes the willow stick and carves a mortar from it. When the old man and his wife try to make mochi in the mortar they see that the mochi transforms into treasure. The greedy old man's wife borrows the mortar but when she makes mochi in it, it turns into a horrible substance. The greedy old woman burns the mortar in disgust and when the old man comes looking for his mortar back he gets given the ashes of it. However the old man finds that the ashes of the mortar have the power to make cherry blossoms bloom. This makes him very rich and famous.

[edit] Okamiden

A wilted Mr. Flower

Mr. Flower reappears in Okamiden, he still lives in Sei'an City. When Chibiterasu first meets him the Cherry Blossom on his head has wilted and he is sickly. Chibiterasu must heal all the cherry blossoms in the city and free his house from a curse with Kagu's Enchantment Slips before he feels well enough to perform the Gura Shuffle. This will return him to full health and bloom the giant cherry blossom his house is made from.

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