A Map of Nippon

Nippon is the name given to the country that Okami is set in. It is based off Japan as it is even named after the Japanese name for Japan and the lands themselves are shaped like Japan.

Amaterasu must travel around Nippon restoring it's natural beauty and driving out the evil that now plagues it. Nippon has three parts, Eastern Nippon, Western Nippon and Kamui which is an island independent of the other two areas. There are also another two islands to the west but it is unknown what they hold.
Nippon is ruled by Queen Himiko and Miko Cho looks after the country upon her death. According to the Official Okami Art Book, during the events of Okami, Queen Himiko is the current ruler of Nippon while The Emperor was her predecessor.


[edit] Eastern Nippon

This is where Okami's story starts out, Amaterasu is revived from a statue in Kamiki Village which is located at the very east of the country. Amaterasu and Issun's adventures centre around defeating the Orochi before he can claim a sacrifice. The area has a very open yet rocky landscape, it features many lakes and valleys.
Amaterasu can gain access to Western Nippon after she learns the Brush Technique Inferno in Moon Cave. It is needed to lift the bridge in City Checkpoint.

Below are the main areas of Eastern Nippon that need to be visited:

[edit] Western Nippon

After you have lowered the bridge in City Checkpoint, Western Nippon becomes open for exploration. The area features mostly around the sea so it has a lot of coast and Islands for Amaterasu to explore. However the seas are treacherous because of the Water Dragon. The main antagonist is Ninetails the Kitsune and Amaterasu must destroy him and his army of Demons. Amaterasu can travel to the final area, Kamui, after she learns Catwalk in Catcall Tower and Thunderstorm on Oni Island.

Below is a list of important areas Amaterasu can visit in Western Nippon:

[edit] Kamui

Kamui is the icy cold island north of the mainland and is only accessible in Okami. It can be reached using a tunnel up on a cliff in Shinshu Field. The lands are barren and covered in snow however it is home to the Oina Tribe and the Poncles. Amaterasu must be careful when exploring it as it has a dangerous landscape. Kamui is the origin of all the evil and life in Nippon and the last of her journey ends after she confronts Yami, the Emperor of Eternal Darkness.

Below is a list of important places in Kamui:

[edit] Okamiden

The land of Nippon returns in Okamiden, however it has changed drastically from Okami. Due to debris and rubble the landscape of the region has changed greatly. Many areas have changed in appearance, such as Shinshu Field, and some areas are completely inaccessible, such as Kamui. However, new areas have opened up such as Yakushi Village. Much like in Okami, time travelling makes a return. Chibiterasu can explore Nippon three months in the past and even 100 years in the past.

Three months after the events of Okami, Demons return to plague the lands and Chibiterasu appears from the Celestial Plain to banish the returning evil and restore beauty and nature to the cursed lands.

[edit] Trivia

  • In the Japanese Version of the game the land is called Nakatsu-kuni meaning "The Middle Country", it refers to the placement of the human world between heaven and hell. Nippon was going to be called Yamato in the English version however this conflicted with the Ark of Yamato, however the game designer suggested the name Nippon.
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