Nuregami and her child in Okamiden
RaceBrush God
LocationOkami: Sasa Sanctuary
Okamiden: 5-Story Pagoda
Brush TechniqueWaterspout

Nuregami teaches the Brush Technique Waterspout, as she is the god of water. She takes the form of what is presumably a water snake, as she is a snake in a bowl of water. She is white with red markings, as are all of the Brush Gods. Her constellation is found in Sasa Sanctuary.


[edit] Waterspout Brush Technique

Amaterasu can use Waterspout to bend water at her will, but it needs a water source for it to work. Ammy can do this by placing the Celestial Brush over a water source and drawing a line that the water will then follow. This is very useful for putting out fires, as lots of enemies are covered in it and so are some Treasure Chests. It can also be used for filling pots and creating geysers that can be climbed.
Waterspout has two Secret Brush Techniques to upgrade, too: one causes a downpour and another allows Amaterasu to teleport between Mermaid Springs.

[edit] Okamiden

Nuregami makes a reappearance in Okamiden along with her child Ko-Nuregami, a miniature water snake in an urn. Her constellation in encountered almost immediately after Chibiterasu enters the 5-Story Pagoda with Nanami. It will reveal itself after you examine a statue of Nuregami. The Secret Brush Technique Deluge reappears, but it is called Splash and it can be obtained by buying it from the Shaman in Yakushi Village. Fountain does not appear due to the absence of Mermaid Springs in the game. The ability to create geysers is also not used due to the absence of the swimming mechanic.

As Blizzard does not appear in Okamiden, ice can be used as a source of water for Waterspout.

[edit] Trivia

  • The ink on the Celestial Brush turns blue when placed over a water source.
  • The word Nure means wet.

[edit] Gallery

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