Old Sailor

Old Sailor

Old Sailor is a character in Okamiden. He is a crew member upon the Goryeo and has been since the ship's previous captain was in charge. However, when the new captain, Captain, took over the ship he was asked to stay to look after the old captain's son. However, he's been getting a bit hard of hearing and knows his time for retirement is closing in.

Chibiterasu first meets him when he travels back to Ryoshima Coast with Kurow, to a time before the Water Dragon destroyed the ship. Chibiterasu and Nanami must then save him from being attacked by a band of Imps when the ship becomes plagued with evil. Although he admits to not being as strong as he once was, he performs an amazing feat of acrobatics and hits the Water Dragon in the head with his walking stick when it attacks.

He manages to fool Benkei when he challenges Chibiterasu and Kurow to a duel for what he mistakenly thinks is a sword concealed in Kurow's flute. He tells Benkei to make the "Living Sword" his 1,000th sword. Although sceptical Benkei eventually believes him and this paves the way for the storyline with Benkei in Okami. However Benkei does not realise the "Living Sword" is actually a Cutlass Fish.

His fate is left unknown after the Water Dragon's attack.

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