Leader of the Draconians Otohime
LocationDragon Palace
FamilyDeceased Husband: King Wada
Unnamed baby

Otohime (also called Queen Oto) is the queen of the Draconians. She resides in the Dragon Palace and is a very pretty young woman, who like all of the Dracoians, wears fancy clothes made from different underwater materials and fish. She is married to King Wada and we later find out that she is carrying his child (she will give you a Stray Bead for listening to her good news).


[edit] Role in the plot

Otohime is needed by Amaterasu and Issun to control the vicious Water Dragon that has been plaguing North and South Ryoshima Coast. The Water Dragon is also the only being that can break the barrier around Oni Island, so that Amaterasu can fight Ninetails.
However they soon find out that Otohime cannot simply control the Water Dragon, it is only their deity and it now threatens them as much as everyone else. However with the aid of the Dragon Orb Otohime can control it, so she asks them to travel inside the Water Dragon to retrieve it. With a lot of resignation Amaterasu and Issun agree to get eaten by the Water Dragon so they can fetch it.
They eventually manage to find the Dragon Orb stuck in the Water Dragon's stomach. However when they are there they also get attacked by Tube Foxes and after they have been beaten Amaterasu obtains the Fox Rods too. When they remove the Dragon Orb the Dragon begins to die, probably from the loss of the Orb. They must quickly run to escape being dragged to the depths too.
When they return to the palace it is revealed that King Wada was the Water Dragon, as Draconians from the royal family have this power. Otohime informs them that by praying to the Dragon Orb she can transform into a new water dragon, thus breaking the barrier to Oni Island. After finding out about the death of Queen Himiko she travels with Amaterasu and Issun to Watcher's Cape where she eats the Dragon Orb and becomes the new Water Dragon. After she breaks the seal, she returns back to the palace.

[edit] Based On

Otohime is based on the legend of "Toyotama-hime" or "Otohime" as it is also called. It tells the story about the daughter of the "God of the Sea", who marries a hunter and gives birth to the first Emperor of Japan. After she gives birth she transforms into a dragon and flies away.

[edit] Okamiden

Otohime and Wada as Water Dragons

Otohime's vassal Nanami appears in Okamiden as one of Chibiterasu's partners. Nanami is first met in Agata Forest as she has had one of the royal treasures stolen. Otohime also appears in Okamiden. When Chibiterasu and Kurow travel three months into the past and land on the Goryeo, the Captain uses his giant conch to summon Otohime to help the duo reach the Knowing Orb in Sage Shrine. Then with help from Chibiterasu and his power over the sun, Otohime transforms into the Water Dragon to allow Chibiterasu and Nanami access to Sage Shrine as she swims them to it. In the ending scenes, Otohime and her baby can be seen in one of the shots.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Water Dragon that Otohime transforms into is identical to the original Water Dragon except redder.
  • You can Bloom the area where you fist enter the Water Dragon and a Treasure Chest will appear. If you give this Treasure Chest to Urashima he will give you a Stray Bead. However if you did not listen to his story you cannot obtain it.

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