Phantom Shears

Phantom Shears
First EncounterPlayhouse
WeaknessesPower Slash
Attack(s)Severing Guidance bond.

Phantom Shears is the spirit of a woman who killed herself as she had been spurned by love. She becomes envious and angry at the sight of two people sharing a bond and will do anything to sever the ties between them. Phantom Shears takes the appearance of a pair of scissors with a giant eye in the centre.

They are a Sentry Beast, meaning they appear outside of Demon Scrolls. They usually hover in the air and attack Chibiterasu's partners when he is using Guidance. Power Slash must be used to destroy them, however, this can only be done after they have awoken to attack a partner that is being guided.

They first appear in the Playhouse in Sei'an City.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"The spirit of a love-spurned woman who ended her own life. When she sees people who share a relationship or bond of any kind, she is filled with envy and anger, and seeks to sever those ties permanently."

[edit] Based on

Phantom Shears is based on the Japanese mythical creature, Amikiri. Amikiri are snake like creatures with a bird's head and the claws of a lobster. Its name means "net cutter"

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