Prayer Slips

Prayer Slip
TypeUnobtainable Weapon
FoundWith Rao, Kagu, King Fury
Obtainable InOkami

Prayer Slips appear in both Okami and Okamiden. They are enchanted slips of paper with magical properties. On them they usually have an incantation and the image of an eye.

Neither Amaterasu nor Chibiterasu actually own them, instead they belong to other characters, however Prayers Slips aid the both of them greatly in their quests and must be used when encountered to progress in the storyline. Both Amaterasu and Chibiterasu must use their Celestial Brush to guide them from their owner's hands.

[edit] Okami

In Okami, the first Prayer Slips encountered belong to Rao. They were the real Rao's holy weapons and she used them to defeat evil. When Rao's is possessed by Ninetails, she claims she cannot dispel the poisonous mist in Sei'an City without them. Amaterasu and Issun later find them outside The Emperor's Palace. Their power is then required to break the barrier guarding the inside of the Sunken Ship. Rao accompanies Amaterasu and Issun on their exploration of the Sunken Ship and her Prayer Slips prove to be very useful. There are several barriers on the ship that can only be broken with the aid of the Prayer Slips. As well as this, there are several ghosts that can only be killed with the Prayer Slips and they deal significant damage to other Demons. However, after they leave the ship, her Prayer Slips are never mentioned again.

Then on Oni Island, Amaterasu and Issun encounter Tobi, an enchanted Prayer Slip. He is the gatekeeper of the island and has a passion for racing. He resembles Rao's Prayer Slips greatly.

The Celestial Brush's Holy Smoke turns a dark teal colour when guiding the Prayer Slips.

[edit] Okamiden

Chibiterasu first encounters Prayer Slips when he meets Kagu, a Miko. Although they are referred to as Exorcism Slips, they have the same powers as Prayer Slips and they also resemble Rao's Prayer Slips in appearance. Her Prayer Slips are used greatly when travelling through the Playhouse as they contain the power to banish evil. They can stun enemies briefly when aimed at them and play a very important role when battling Renjishi. When battling Renjishi, the Prayer Slips are used to damage him as Chibiterasu must guide them through all his weak points. His weak points eventually become enshrouded in an impenetrable barrier and Kagu's Prayer Slips must be used to banish it before the weak points can be attacked. After Renjishi's defeat, Miko Cho gives Kagu an Enchantment Slip that allows her to banish the evil barriers that are surrounding many of the houses in Sei'an City she then tasks both Chibiterasu and Kagu in freeing the houses from evil.

Kagu also gives Chibiterasu a Prayer Slip that allows him to warp between Ultimate Origin Mirrors.

When using Kagu's Prayer Slips, the Celestial Brush's Holy Smoke will turn purple. Then when fighting Renjishi the ink will go a Blueish Grey when connecting his weak points.

King Fury can also shot damaging Prayer Slips at Chibiterasu and Kurow. However, they can be deflected by Power Slash.

[edit] Origins

Prayer Slips are based off Spirit Wards which are pieces of paper used by priests to dispel and protect against Demons.

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