Granted byYomigami
LocationOkami: River of the Heavens
Okamiden: Kamiki Village
Power(s)Repairs broken and missing objects

Rejuvination grants you the power to repair or replace broken or missing objects. It can be used on anything from a broken bridge to a missing fishing pole. It is the first Brush Technique learnt, taught by the Dragon God Yomigami. It is the only brush technique Issun knows, although he claims he is a master of it. By painting over the space that needs to be repaired/replaced, a grey mist will appear and the new object will spring up in it's place.

[edit] Okamiden

Rejuvenation makes a return in Okamiden along with Yomigami and his children. Unlike Okami, Chibiterasu must draw the outline of what he wants to fix instead of just brushing ink all over it.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Celestial Brush's Ink turns brown when placed over an area where Rejuvenation can be used. However in Okamiden it remains black.

[edit] Gallery

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