Resurrection Beads

Resurrection Beads
Resurrection Beads.jpg
Amaterasu and Resurection Beads
ObtainedBuy from Merchant in Wep'keer and Kamiki Village
Cost200,000 Yen

The Resurrection Beads are a fourth tier Rosary. It can bought from a Merchant in Wep'keer when you first arrive there for 200,000 Yen. It can also be bought in Kamiki Village 100 years in the past. Like the Life Beads they are different from other Rosarys when used as a sub weapon, this is because instead of firing lots of "bullets" they only fire five powerful ones. However it takes longer to recharge after it and they will only hit something close up.
The Resurrection Beads are an eerie purple and blue colour and they are spiral shaped. They symbolise souls in Japanese culture.

[edit] Weapons Entry

"Rosary that uses divine light to guide lost souls to the right path."

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