River of the Heavens

River of the Heavens
TypeDivine Area
Okamiden (Cave of Nagi only)
Connects ToKamiki Village
Cave of Nagi
Notable Inhabitant(s)Yomigami
ItemsRejuvination Brush Technique
Power Slash Brush Technique
Guidance Brush Technique
Stray Beads
Astral Pouch

River of the Heavens is the first place Amaterasu and Issun explore as it holds the key to restoring Kamiki Village. It also acts as a sort of tutorial dungeon for the player as Issun explains the varies controls and game mechanics.

It is a very mystical area in both appearance and location. It can only be accessed by going under the arch outside Konohana, a portal to the area will then appear in the tree's trunk. If you go around the arch Konohana will just be a normal tree, it will not glow and have a mystical air around it and where the portal used to be there will just be a small statue of Nagi.

The River of Heavens is broke into two places, the actual area that contains the river and The Cave of Nagi.
The River of Heavens is where you learn your first Brush Technique, Rejuvination from Yomigami. His constellation is found just before the river and it is needed to restore the dried up river so that it is passable. After this there is an area where Issun will teach Amaterasu about her powers and finally the entrance to the Cave of Nagi. River of Heavens is also where you obtain your first Astral Pouch. The area of River of the Heavens is also very mystical, everything seems to glow and has an otherworldly feel.

[edit] The Cave of Nagi

This area is just past River of the Heavens, it does not have the same mystical feel and it is not as large. It holds the constellation of Tachigami so therefore the Celestial Brush technique of Power Slash. At the end of the passage there is a large statue of Nagi however his sword is broken, if you fix this with Rejuvination Tachigami will appear. You also find Stray Bead #1 here.

[edit] Okamiden

Although River of the Heavens does not reappear, The Cave of Nagi makes a return. The entrance is no longer found behind Sakuya's Konohana tree, instead a portal is found opposite the Sacred Deck where Mr. Orange performs his Konohana Shuffle. This portal leads to a series of floating islands that quite resemble The River of the Heavens.

It is only accessible while Kuni is Chibiterasu's partner as it is his secret training ground. They first travel there after they are tasked at returning the "little girl's" mirror to her.

Tachigami's constellation is found in the same place but Yomigami's has been moved to when Chibiterasu must restore Konohana. Michigami's constellation is found just before Nagi's Statue.

The exit is just below the Nagi statue and returns Chibiterasu to the portal where he first entered it.

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