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Sakuya, who is also known as "Tree Sprite Sakuya" is one of the main characters in this game. She is the very beautiful spirit of the Guardian Sapling Cherry Blossoms that are scattered around the countryside of Nippon.


[edit] Guardian Saplings

Guardian Saplings blossom life into the surrounding area and protect it from evil, they are are therefore necessary for life. Her main Guardian tree is called Konohana and the smaller Guardian Saplings grow from it's roots. Konohana is 100 years old and was planted by the ancestors of two girls, Camille & Camellia who still come to pray to it everyday. Konohana Blossoms can also be seen floating in the sky in some places. These can be used by Amaterasu to travel through the air.

[edit] Her role in the game

Sakuya is the reason why Amaterasu was brought to life. When the Orochi was set free and his evil began to spread across the lands, only Kamiki Village was spared. This is because Sakuya, it's protector, was using all of her power to save it. Using her last ounces of strength she freed Amaterasu from her statue form and entrust her to save the world from the Oriochi's evil. She tasked Issun, a small Poncle that she finds in her kimono, to help. After they have completed their first task of reviving Kamiki Village, Sakuya gets somewhat restored back to power. However in order for her to be fully restored Amaterasu and Issun must use their brush strokes to restore all the Guardian Saplings across the lands. When sufficient saplings are revived Sakuya is restored to full power, however much to Issun's delight her clothing becomes more revealing.

Sakuya is always cheering Amaterasu and Issun in the quest to save the land, for every Guardian Sapling the revive Konohana produces a gift for them, which can be found hanging from her branches. Every time they visit Konohana she will greet them and tell them not to loose faith.

However despite this Sakuya is more of a source of information. She plays a big role at the start of the game but further on she is only there to give words of support.

[edit] Shakuya


Shakuya is Sakuya 100 years ago. As Konohana is only a little sapling so too is Shakuya a baby. She speaks with a lisp, which is possible why she calls herself Shakuya, and most fans find her to be adorable. When she is Bloomed she will run up to Amaterasu and give her a big hug and if she is headbutted she will scold Amaterasu. Even when she is only a baby she still sees Amaterasu as a god. However despite all this and the fact that Shakuya is almost identical to Sakuya, Issun is completely oblivious to who she really is.

As Chibiterasu and Kurou make a trip back through the Spirit Gate, Shakuya reappears in Okamiden

[edit] Based on

Sakuya is based on the blossom princess "Konohanasakuya-hime". This is possibly where her name and the name of her tree comes from. Her symbol is the Cherry Blossom which also explains the Sakuya's appearance and those of her trees.

She also appears to be based off a Kodama who are spirits believes to reside in certain trees. Konohana, her Guardian Saplings and other Cherry Blossoms are marked with Shimenawa, which again proves this.

[edit] Okamiden

Sakuya makes a reappearance in Okamiden. When Demons mysteriously return to Nippon, the young wolf pup Chibiterasu appears from the Celestial Plain to defeat them. This is much to Issun's surprise, so Issun takes Chibiterasu to see Sakuya in Kamiki Village as she might be able to reveal some information. However, after they talk to Sakuya her tree gets struck by lightening from a mysterious and sudden storm. After learning Rejuvenation, Chibiterasu manages to restore Konohana however Sakuya has been greatly weakened and is barely able to keep protecting Kamiki Village. After this, Issun and Chibiterasu leave to find a partner for Chibiterasu so he may go on his journey to investigate the source of the storm, which turns out to be the Spark Beast, and try to bring Konohana back into Bloom. Issun remains with Sakuya to make sure she is safe.

Sakuya also tests Chibiterasu to see if he is ready to set off on his journey. She masquerades herself as a little girl who is crying over her Mother's missing mirror. Kuni and Chibiterasu set off to Agata Forest where they defeat Master Anura and retrieve the, now broken, mirror. Kuni is disappointed but Chibiterasu fixes the mirror with Rejuvenation. Upon returning the mirror Sakuya reveals herself to be the little girl and congratulates Chibiterasu for passing the test.

[edit] Trivia

  • Sakuya was originally meant to have three different outfits. Towards the end of the game she was going to be completely naked except for some carefully placed puffs of mist. This idea was scrapped but drawings of her in this form can still be found in art sets.
  • Another place Sakuya's name probably comes is from the Japanese word "Saku", meaning bloom.
  • Because there's a hole in the back of her dress her butt looks like a ripe peach.

[edit] Gallery

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