Samurai Dandy

Samurai Dandy
LocationSei'an City Commoners Quarters

The Samurai Dandy is a recurring character in both Okami and Okamiden. He can be found wandering around the Commoner's Quarters in Sei'an City. In both games, interaction with him is not required to advance in the game.

In Okami, he has had his Glass Watch stolen by Hayazo so Amaterasu must partake in a minigame to retrieve it. Amaterasu will receive Praise for its return and he will reward her with Roasted Meat, which fills her Astral Pouch, every time she talks to him.

In Okamiden, he has a much smaller role. He can be found wandering around the same area as previous, however, he will just inform Chibiterasu about events that occurred in Okami.

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