Satomi Power Orbs

Satome Power Orbs
TypePower Up
Obtained FromPrincess Fuse
Canine Warriors
FoundKusa Village
Obtainable InOkami

There are 8 Satome Power Orbs and each one is held by a different Canine Warrior. They are needed to defeat the Crimson Helm and return the divine wind to Kusa Village thus getting rid of the monsters. Each one is a different colour and has the name of their specific Canine Warrior inscribed on them.
Princess Fuse sends Amaterasu on a quest to track down the Canine Warriors so that she can get them to use their Power Orbs to defeat the Crimson Helm. However three of the Canine Warriors cannot return to Gale Shrine so they give Amaterasu their Power Orb. Upon returning to the Shrine the rest of the Power Orbs choose Amaterasu to be their master so she must defeat the Crimson Helm.

During the fight with the Crimson Helm, each Power Orb will take one hit for Amaterasu. This acts like another for of Godhood however after 8 hits all the Power Orbs will be broken and Amaterasu will be vulnerable again and she must rely on her own Goddhood.

[edit] Origins

Ammy equipped with the Satomi Orbs

The Satomi Power Orbs are based on the 8 Holy Crystal Beads from the great Japanese epic novel Nanso Satomi Hakkenden. The novel tells the story of Princess Fusehime from the Satomi House who was married off to the family dog. The Princess committed suicide out of the shame of carrying the dog's children. The Princess had a rosary that was given to her by a Buddhist Monk. The rosary has 108 beads with 100 of them being small and 8 being large. The eight larger beads had a Virtue inscribed on them, the Virtues being "Jin, Gi, Rei, Chi, Chuu, Shin, Kou, Tei." When Princess Fusehime died, the rosary string was cut and the beads scattered. The eight large beads rose off into the air and flew off with the spirits of her unborn sons. Eventually when the sons are reborn, each of them have one of the beads featuring a specific virtue. They use these beads to fight together for justice and peace.

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