Shinshu Field

Shinshu Field
Shinshu Field.jpg
Map of Shinshu Field
TypeHub Area
Connects ToMoon Cave
Hana Valley
Kamiki Village
Agata Forest
Kamui (Okami)
Yakushi Village (Okamiden)
Notable Inhabitant(s)Tama
Nameless Man
Dead Fish
ItemsStray Beads

Shinshu Field is the first Hub Area Amaterasu and Issun explore after Susano has destroyed the boulder blocking the entrance to it. At first the whole area is covered by the Orochi's curse and the only safe path through it is the one leading to Hana Valley, Amaterasu must Bloom the Guardian Sapling there before she can return to Shinshu Field and revive its sapling. Shinshu Field is also the place where Amaterasu finds Bakugami's Constellation, thus enabling her to learn Cherry Bomb.

Shinshu Field is basically a giant flat field with a few water features such as the giant lake and river that flow into it. If Amaterasu passes under the Torii in the lake, she can gain entrance to Moon Cave. The single red Torii in the lake, Lake Harami, seems to suggest its appearance is based off Itsukushima Shrine, a shrine dedicated to the three daughters of Susano-o. This iconic Torii appears to be floating in the sea, but like the one in Shinshu Field, it is accessable by a small strip of land in low tide. It has two cliffs, one on either side, one being very big and holds the way Kamui and the other being very small as it's only purpose is to serve as a ledge after taking the short cut from Agata Forest.


[edit] Locations

The Path to Shinshu Field from Kamui

Shinshu Field is attached to many places, Kamiki Village, Moon Cave, Hana Valley, Agata Forest and Kamui. Kamui cannot be reached till very late in the game because of the many Brush Techniques needed, the path to Kamui is found past a giant fort on a very high cliff to the east of Shinshu Field.
Shinshu Field also has some human settlements such as a Dojo, Tama the Pyrotechnics's house, The Nameless Man's Kiln and Mika's Shrine.

[edit] Spirit Gate

Amaterasu passes through Shinshu Field 100 years in the past when she must fight the True Orochi in Moon Cave. This Shinshu Field is quite smaller, more confined, it does not have any inhabitants and the Origin Mirror is gone.

However, it is where Amaterasu meets her first Yellow Demon Scroll and subsequently has her first run in with a Clay Enemy. It has many Treasure Chests and Clovers, the Chests being mostly in the same places they are found to be found in the present day Shinshu Field. Some of the Clovers are hidden under Iron Rocks and Crystal Rocks. One must be careful to explore everywhere as once Moon Cave is entered, there is no returning. Power Slash 2 and Power Slash 3 also need to be obtained before entering the Spirit Gate or the Clovers underneath them will be unobtainable. As well as the Torii in front of Moon Cave as in the present day Shinshu Field, there is another Torii in front of that, at the top of the hill, and passing through it will make another chest appear.

[edit] Side Quests

Shinshu Field has a lot of sidequests which can be completed for Praise or other Treasures, Like most places it has cherry blossoms which can be bloomed for some Praise and Food however there is not big reward for blooming them all. There are also four bigger side quests which have a few pre-requirements before you can attempt them. These are:

  • Racing Ida: First you must give him a Traveller's Charm to make him mobile after the Orochi's curse has effected him. After this he will be found running around Shinshu Field and if you catch up with him he will challenge you to a race. Beating him three times rewards you with the Gimmick Gear.
  • Mika's Wanted List: If you talk to Mika he will give you a list of all the enemies he wants you to kill. Completing this gets you a reward.
  • Re-igniting Tama's passion for fireworks: In order to do this you must have learned the two Cherry Bomb Upgrades, drawing these in front of Tama will make him realise how exciting fireworks are. He will then give you a reward.
  • Guardian Statues: To do this you must clear the Demon Gates in Shinshu Field as this will cause the Nameless Man's Kiln to reappear. He will give Amaterasu a different vase if she talks to him. Biting this Vase and placing it in front of one of the five Guardian Statues in the Field will result in Praise.

[edit] Okamiden

Shinshu Field reappears in Okamiden, however rubble and debris cause by the recent return of evil, means that it has changed drastically. Between the entrances to Hana Valley and Kamiki Village, a new entrance to Yakushi Village has been created.

The old tunnel to Agata Forest has been removed and replaced with a new one. Chibiterasu is now unable to travel to Kamui and the Dojo has been left abandoned.

Tama's house, Moon Cave, the Nameless Man's kiln, amongst others, are still accessible.

Chibiterasu must travel back in time and, in doing so, passes through Shinshu Field nine months in the past and 100 years in the past. Nine months in the past, Chibiterasu and Kurow find Kuni floating in Lake Harami. They rescue him and place him at the entrance to Moon Cave, where Susano finds him.

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