Newly Dubbed Sleepy
LocationHana Valley
Agata Forest

Sleepy is a bear that likes to sleep while balancing on a big, round object. He is different shades of brown and has a leaf on his head.

[edit] Role in the Plot

He is first found in Hana Valley in the cavern where Susano hides. He is balancing on a crystal that Amaterasu needs to revive the Guardian Sapling, so she must role another sphere up to him.

He then appears Agata Forest near the entrance after it's Guardian Sapling has been revived. He is part of a Mini Game in which Amaterasu must roll different sphere up a hill to him for Praise. The spheres being a walnut, a head of cabbage and a beehive, they can be found all over Agata Forest.

[edit] Origins

  • The Official Okami Artbook states that he is based off the character Totoro from the movie "My Neighbour Totoro".

[edit] Gallery

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