Snowball Playground

Snowball's Playground
Amaterasu rolling snowballs
TypeMini Game location
Connects ToWep'keer
Notable Inhabitant(s)Oina Boy
Stray Bead

The Snowball's Playground is an enclosed area found connected to Wep'keer. If Amaterasu enters it, she can collect various Treasures and interact with a small Oina child. He will challenge Amaterasu to the ultimate snowball rolling competition. Amaterasu can the push around a snowball into various clumps of snow resulting in the growth of the snowball. Upon talking to the little child, he may deem Amaterasu the winner if her snowball is big enough. He will give her 50 Praise as a result.

A Stray Bead can be found in a buried chest at the back of the area.

Obstacles such as small camp fires and ledges can be found around the Playground which will cause the snowball to be destroyed, Entering and exiting will respawn the snowball.

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