Spirit Gate

Spirit Gate
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Connects ToKamiki Village 100 years ago

The Spirit Gate is a strange piece of machinery found in inner Yoshpet. Nobody knows much about it and all that is know is that "no good will come from it's opening". As the name insists it is a gate to another place however nobody knows what is at the other side let alone how to open it. However Issun pries it open with his sword Denkomaru.

[edit] Appearance

The Spirit Gate is a free standing metal door. It is slate grey in colour and has the same engravings and design as the Ark of Yamato meaning that it was built by the Moon Tribe. As high amounts of technology are needed for time travel it is assumed that the Spirit Gate was left on earth by the Moon Tribe to help events that would occur. This gives truth to a Celestial's idea that the Moon Tribe decided the fate and events in Nippon.

[edit] Role in the Plot

The Spirit Gate is the only way to head into the past and it is needed to rescue the Oina girl Lika, and to defeat True Orochi. Amaterasu, Issun and Oki travel through the gate at the same time, however Lika has travel through it too, but at a different time. The Spirit Gate sends them all 100 years into the past to a similar looking Kamiki Village, however, it sends them back to the night that Nagi kills Orochi. Amaterasu and Issun are completely oblivious as to where they are, as the landscape looks the same, but the people are different. The Spirit Gate transports them to outside of the Konohana Tree however it is only a sapling and Sakuya, who calls herself Shakuya, is only a baby. It takes them a while to figure out where they are but eventually it clicks with Issun.

The Spirit Gate is a one tour only area and it contains quite a lot of Praise and other treasures, so these should be collected before heading back. The treasure chests in Kamiki's pond should be opened before talking to Nagi, as Nami will then be bathing in the water and she will scream if you come near, as she thinks you are Shiranui. After defeating True Orochi, Amaterasu will be teleported back to her time right away, so make sure that you do everything before leaving with the unconscious Nagi.

Amaterasu's job after she has gone through the Spirit Gate is to help Nagi kill True Orochi, thus putting a stop to his evil and a demanding of a sacrificial maiden each year. To do this, Ammy has to steal Nami's sacrificial robe after she has been chosen as the sacrifice, and dress Nagi in it after she has knocked him out. She then has to carry him to Moon Cave where the Orochi eats him, but spits him out, as it has already chosen Lika as its new sacrifice. Nagi and Amaterasu must then fight True Orochi to free the lands. Just at the last minute Shiranui comes and saves Nagi's life so he can finally take down the Orochi.

[edit] Okamiden

Although Chibiterasu travels back in time, it is not using the Spirit Gate and Kamui is unreachable in the game. Instead Gen builds a time machine.

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