Stray Beads

Stray Bead
Obtained FromTreasure Chests
Obtainable InOkami

Stray Beads are found scattered all over Nippon and there are 100 in total. They can be found either hidden around in Treasure Chests or as a reward for completing a certain task such as a Mini Game. Most of the ones found in Treasures Chests are buried underground so you must be diligent when exploring.

The beads obtained can be viewed from the fan menu. They are brought up for viewing threaded on a string, and you can view its number and where you found it by selecting it. You can even see the location of beads you have not obtained, however you must have already obtained a bead in the general location. If a bead which you have not yet found has "(???)" after it then that particular bead will be given to you by a character. The bead numbering system is arranged in the order that you first explore the locations that they are found in (A bead found in The River of the Heavens is number one because that area is explored first). Some beads cannot be found until later in the game even though they might have a relatively low number, this is because certain events must be fulfilled before Amaterasu can reach them such as learning a new Brush Technique.

==Ōkami String of Beads==
String of Beads.jpg

If you collect all of the 100 beads you will earn the String of Beads as a reward. This is an amazing Holy Artifact that grants Amaterasu invincibility, infinite Ink and 10x damage inflicting power. As bead 100 can only be obtained by beating the game the earliest time you can get the String of Beads is by starting a new game.
If you do not obtain all the other 99 beads on your first play through the ones you do have will be carried over to your new game file. These carry over from game files will continue till you have obtained the whole String of Beads. You will keep the String of Beads after you beat the game that will transfer so don't worry you didn't go grab those stray beads for nothing.


[edit] Location List

[edit] Cave of Nagi

1. This can be found over the bridge to the east just before you reach the cave with the giant statue of Nagi.

[edit] Kamiki Village

2. Found on the rafters below where Mr. Orange performs the Konohana Shuffle after you perform Sunrise for the first time.
3. Buried on an island to the northeast of the village. You need Water Lily to reach it.
4. Found in a chest at the top of the Waterfall, you need to have learned Vine before you can reach it.

[edit] Shinshu Field

5. Found on a ledge near the edge of the lake, it is buried between two trees. You must Bloom the Guardian Sapling before you can reach it.
6. Found buried behind the Dojo after you've revived the Guardian Sapling.
7. Buried across from the Guardian Sapling on a ledge at the river. The Guardian Sapling must be revived for you to reach it.
8. Found buried in a corner behind the Nameless Man's Kiln. The Guardian Sapling must be revived to reach it and you have to defeat the area's Demon Gate.
9. Tama gives it to you after you show him Cherry Bomb 2 and 3. You need to learn the two Cherry Bomb Secret Brush Techniques first though.
10. The Nameless Man will give it to you after you offer his vases to all the Guardian Statues. Lika needs to perform the Volcanic Incantation first.

[edit] Hana Valley

11. Buried past the Imp's campfire, through the tunnel and at the left of the path. You need to defeat the imps first.

[edit] Agata Forest

12. Found in Madame Fawn's house.
13. Found behind Karude's house after defeating Waka.
14. Buried on a ledge left of the entrance to Tsuta Ruins.
15. Found on a tree branch under a Konohana Blossom. You need Vine to reach it.
16. Found in a chest on top of a tree near the Spring on one of the ledges high above Agata Forest. You need Vine to reach it.
17. Found in a chest on fire outside Madame Fawn's house. You need to learn Waterspout so you can douse the flames.

[edit] Tsuta Ruins

18. Bomb a cracked wall which can be found on a ledge after the second tree trunk ramp and then bloom the bud. You must defeat Blockhead first.
19. Bomb the cracked wall behind the poisonous waterfall. You must destroy the vases that are keeping the water poisonous first.
20. Vine onto a Konohana Blossom in the long hall where a sphere for rolling was, walk ahead on the path then bloom the bud.

[edit] Taka Pass

21. Found in a pond in the tunnel where you fight Waka. If you Power Slash the bubbles it will rise to the top.
22. Found buried behind a rock behind Mr. & Mrs. Cutter's house.
23. Buried near Bingo and his digging spot.
24. Buried under a pile of leaves near the Mermaid Spring. You need Galestorm to move the leaves.
25. Found in a burning chest in the tunnel where you can travel to Taka Pass's upper plateau. You need Galestorm/Waterspout to douse/blow away the flames.
26. In a chest under the patch of hard digging ground near Bingo and his Minigame.

[edit] Kusa Village

27. Buried near the pond beside Princess Fuse's house.
28. Found inside Mr. Bamboo's house.
29. Found in a chest at the very top of the rafters in the Village. You need to use Galestorm to lift the banners so you may cross them.

[edit] Sasa Sanctuary

30. Found buried near the bamboo fountain at the entrance to the inn.
31. Paint a dot on the blank eye of the doll found inside the first upstairs room on the left of the inn.
32. Buried in a grove at the back of the Bamboo Forest. You need to learn Waterspout to gain access to the grove.

[edit] Gale Shrine

33. Use Cherry Bomb on the elevator to get it to rise without you being on it. The drop into the hole below it to access a room with some Treasure including the Bead.
34. Found in a burning chest on the second floor of the Shrine. Use Galestorm to extinguish the flames.
35. After clearing Oni Island go back to the room in the Shrine with the puddles of water and take the right tunnel. Then accept Princess Fuse's challenge to battle all of the Canine Warriors. You will get Praise and the bead.

[edit] City Checkpoint

36. Buried at the very end of the riverside, past the waterfall.
37. Found in a burning chest near the Waterfall.
38. Restore the land on the Ryoshima Coast side of the bridge to make a chest holding the bead appear buried behind a rock.
39. Found at the very end of the river on a high up platform. You need to follow a series of Konohana Blossoms to reach it but it is impossible without the Golden Ink Pot or Inkfinite Stone. The first Vine can be found at the middle of the bridge.
40. Found buried on an island at the north, fast flowing side of the river. You need to defeat Oni Island and obtain the Water Tablet before you can reach it.

[edit] South Ryoshima Coast

41. Found in a chest on top of the Sunken Ship.
42. Find and feed Inaba the rabbit before biting him and returnng him to the Animal Lover near the coast. Talk to them again to get the bead.
43. Found buried beneath hard ground outside the Dojo. You need the Digging Champ Dojo Technique to dig through the ground.
44. Complete the Devil Gate Trial Cave located under a hard dig area near the Guardian Sapling.
45. Defeat Hayate three times in his Racing Mini Game.

[edit] Sei'an City Commoner's Quarters

46.Found in an underwater chest in the southwest part of the canal system.
47. Buried behind a wall in Mr. Flower's house.
48. After curing The Emperor buy charcoal from the tools dealer. Give this Charcoal to the little girl making charcoal drawings at the east of the city. Draw the shape that appears in a thought bubble over her head on one of Mr. Chic's Kimonos. Do this a five times with different shapes she thinks of to get a bead from her.
49. Return the four items Hayazo stole to their owners. The last stolen item that you get from Hayazo belongs to the Tao Troopers, return it to a specific Trooper for Praise, the bead and a secret about Waka.
50. After Camille and Camellia move from Kamiki Village you can find them here. Restore Camille's faith in the gods for Praise and the bead.

[edit] Sei'an City Aristocratic Quarter

51. Found buried beside the small bridge in the area.
52. Defeat Komuso's monsters. To get him to move to Sei'an you need to have defeated his monsters in Kamiki Village and Kusa Village.
53. Found in an underwater chest beside the eastern side of the big bridge.
54. Before you enter the Imperial Palace head to the left, there you will find a dead end with the Stray Bead buried underground.
55. Found behind the elevator in the Imperial Palace.
56. Found inside an electrically locked Treasure Chest in Gen's workshop. You need the Secret Brush Technique Thunderbolt to open the box.

[edit] Sunken Ship

57. In an alcove in one of the hallways in the upper side of the ship.
58. Found in the Treasure Room where you find the Lucky Mallet.

[edit] The Emperor's Palace

59. Buried in the garden in front of the Palace.

[edit] North Ryoshima Coast

60. Buried next to the broken steps leading up to Watcher's Cape.
61. Buried near the cows and where Yoichi is practising archery.
62. Buried on the far west island where the fisherman is found.
63. Found in the middle chest in the Divine Spring near Yoichi. You need Digging Champ to get through the ground.
64. Found in the Rocky Area. It can only be accessed with Mist Warp.
65. Found on the middle island to the west after you have defeated the area's Devil Gate Cave Trial.
66. Urashima gives it to you after you bring him back the Treasure Box from the Dragon Palace.

[edit] Catcall Tower

67. Found in a chest on one of the tower's platforms.
68. It appears at the top of the tower after you have climbed it a second time.
69. Found on top of one of the smaller towers at the base of Catcall Tower. You need Catwalk to get to the top.

[edit] Dragon Palace

70. Found in the Divine Spring located behind the stairs past a bombable crack.
71. Found atop the the top drum in the room with the Mermaid Spring. You need to use Rejuvination on the third drum to reach it.
72. Found inside a shell in the room where you first enter the Water Dragon.
73. Otohime will give it to you if you return to her after beating Oni Island and listen to her story.

[edit] Kamui

74. Found buried outside the Dojo.
75. Found at the end of a cave near the entrance to Wep'keer.
76. Found on the top of the frozen waterfall near the entrance to Wep'keer.
77. Found buried near the Mermaid Spring after you clear the area from Demon Gates.
78. Defeat Blockhead Grande in the Divine Spring.
79. Appears after defeating the area's Devil Gate Cave Trial. It is found on a ledge on the path leading to Wep'keer.

[edit] Wep'keer

80. Found buried by the lake near a flock of storks.
81. Found in an alcove in the middle of the village near the snowy waterfall. A bear is also found in the alcove.
82. Buried near Kai's house beside a herd of Sheep.
83. Found buried at the very back of the Snowball Playground.

[edit] Ezofuji

84. Found on a platform to the east. You need to use vine to reach it.
85. Found buried on a cliff face behind Tuskle's house. You also need vine to reach it.
86. Buried in a hard dig spot on a ledge behind Tuskle's house. You need Vine and Digging Champ Dojo Technique to reach it.
87. In a Rocky Area which can only be accessed via Mist Warp.

[edit] Yoshpet

88. Found at the end of the second section of the race.
89. Found at the end of a dead end in the third section of the race.
90. Beat Kai in a racing Mini game after you have cleared Wawku Shrine.

[edit] Ponc'tan

91. Found on a lilypad near the entrance and Origin Mirror. Use vine to reach it.
92. Found in a chest on a lilypad near the northwest section of the village. Use vine to reach it.
93. Given to you by Ishaku if you come back to talk to him after clearing Wawku Shrine.

[edit] Inner Yoshpet

94. Found buried at the top of the hill which has snowballs rolling down it.
95. Found at the end of the wrong way path in the second section of the race.
96. On the landing ledge of the Catwalking section. You need to get near it to notice it fully.

[edit] Wawku Shrine

97. Found under the left cannon after you enter the Shrine. You need to destroy the cannon with Veil of Mist and Power Slash first.
98. Found on a high platform on your way back from stopping the snow machine and freeing Itegami. You need to use Blizzard on a Fire Spider to reach it.
99. Found on an upper ledge near a Fire Spider, Golden Gate and Origin Mirror.

[edit] Ark of Yamato

100. Given to you after you defeat Yami and complete the game.

[edit] Okamiden

Stray Beads return in Okamiden although they do not go towards making the String of Beads. Instead that is obtained by completing all of Issun's Masterpieces. Stray Beads are simply Treasures to be collected and sold to Merchants. Five appear in game.

[edit] Gallery

Collected Beads

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