Sunken Ship

Sunken Ship
Okamiden (as the Goryeo)
Connects ToRyoshima Coast
Notable Inhabitant(s)Okami: Abandoned
Okamiden Benkei
Old Sailor
EnemiesOkami: Ghosts
Greater Monster
Okamiden: Sentry Beasts
Water Nymph
ItemsOkami: Lucky Mallet
Sun Fragment
Stray Beads
Okamiden: Issun's Masterpieces

The Sunken Ship is the remains of a ship that was destroyed by the Water Dragon before it could reach the shore. It lies submerged in water in the Lunar Lagoon off the coast of Ryoshima. Rao convinces Amaterasu and Issun to explore it with her in search of the Fox Rods as she says they are the ultimate weapon against Ninetails however their mission is unfruitful.


[edit] Reaching it

Most of the Sunken Ship lies below the water, however the top decks, which hold a few treasures and a Stray Bead, can be explored by Amaterasu if she travels there using Water Lily.

She can reach its interior by using the Dojo Technique Holy Eagle to get to the top of Moon Turret and then using the brush technique Crescent. Crescent will cause the water around the ship to recede, allowing you to enter it. Unfortunately, even after you have entered the ship, there is a cursed door that prevents you from exploring it further and you need Rao's prayer slips to break it.

If Amaterasu wants to exit the ship, she can do so by exiting the way she came in, however this will lead he onto the bare sea floor. The walls of water are too high to jump onto so she must use Sunrise to cause the water to fall back into place. She will float gently back to the top where she can then head back to shore.

[edit] Interior

The Sunken Ship's Interior

The ship is quite tricky to explore as you need to balance levers and manipulate the flow of water into it to reach higher levels. It also holds many evil spirits which can only be destroyed with Rao's Prayer Slips. The ghosts of the Spider Queen and Crimson Helm appear, but although they are frightening they cannot harm Amaterasu. The supposed ghosts of the crew members that died upon the ship also appear, however they do hurt Amaterasu. Only Rao's prayer slips will kill them, and each killed ghost bears a Demon Fang.

The ship is one of the few dungeons devoid of Demon Scrolls, however it does have its own hoard of strange Demons, some of which are exclusive to the Sunken Ship. This is where you first encounter the Crab enemies (Jiro and Saburo) in a compulsory battle. Some new demons that appear here but never again are the Greater Monster, who lies at the bottom of the lowest level of the ship and only attacking when the room is flooded, and the possessed chests, which look like regular treasure chests, but slightly darker. If you attempt to open the chest or get too close, a demonic hand will appear and attempt to grab and injure Ammy. Only Rao's prayer slips will kill them.
It also has a hazardous environment with many traps and other dangers, such as a corridor that shoots razor-like bamboo shoots. The most important part of the ship is the Treasure Room. Rao believes it holds the Fox Rods; however, this is not the case. Instead it holds the Lucky Mallet, a Zodiac Statue and a Sun Fragment.

[edit] Okamiden

In Okamiden, Chibiterasu travels back in time with Kurow to before the ship was sunk by the Water Dragon. The ship's official name is the Goryeo and it's captain is Captain, who is well loved by all the crew. When Chibiterasu and Kurow first arrive in Ryoshima Coast nine months in the past, they are on a journey to find the Knowing Orb to learn more about Akuro. They land in the sea off Ryoshima Coast and are rescued by the Goryeo. The Captain asks for them to explore the ship to find his conch that he can use to summon Otohime for them. Otohime transforms into the Water Dragon, with Chibiterasu's help, and she brings Chibiterasu and Nanami to the patch of sea where Sage Shrine is found. After they have explored Sage Shrine, the duo return to the Goryeo where they find it infested with Demons. After fighting through six Demon Scrolls, Nanami leaves to chase Bullhead who has stolen the Wet and Dry Jewels and Chibiterasu pairs back up with Kurow. They are then forced to flee the Goryeo when the Water Dragon begins to attack it and the Captain refuses to let them help. As Kurow and Chbiterasu fly away, Chibiterasu sheds a tear at the sight of the sinking Goryeo.

Before the Water Dragon Attacked

The reason as to why the Lucky Mallet is aboard is also explained in Okamiden. When Chibiterasu returns from Sage Shrine he brings it with him. Then when the Water Dragon attacks, Kurow and Chibiterasu try to fly away but the Lucky Mallet is making Chibiterasu too heavy to carry. Captain then offers to mind it for them. It then sinks with the rest of the ship.

Notable crew members include Benkei and Old Sailor.

References to the Sunken Ship include a shark and hermit crabs appearing in the same room that Amaterasu encounters Jiro, Saburo and Ichiro nine months later.

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