The Emperor's Palace

The Emperor's Palace
Amaterasu and Issun avoiding the Guard's feet
Connects ToSei'an City Aristocratic Quarter
Notable Inhabitant(s)The Emperor
Palace Guards
Palace Guards
Notable ItemsStray Beads
Veil of Mist Brush Technique
Holy Artifacts

The Emperor's Palace one of the major dungeons in Okami. Although the outside of the dungeon appears in Okamiden, the grounds are blocked by giant gates rendering the inside of the Palace inaccessible. The Palace is owned by The Emperor, of course, and is heavily guarded and surrounded by high walls and gates. It even has its own prison cell. Its boss is the microscopic Blight, who must be fought inside The Emperor's own body.

In order to access the dungeon, Amaterasu must shrink down to minuscule proportions with the aid of the Lucky Mallet and then enter through a crack in the wall. After the dungeon has been completed, it is impossible to access it again using the Lucky Mallet so all Treasure Chests must be opened and all Clovers bloomed.

[edit] Role in the Plot

When Amaterasu and Issun first arrive in Sei' an City, is is being plagued with a poisonous green mist that is making the citizens of the city fatally sick. Upon exploring the city, they find the source of the mist is from a crack in the walls of The Emperor's Palace. After exploring the Sunken Ship and returning with the Lucky Mallet, the duo can finally explore the palace in the hopes of banishing the mist. They must explore both the Palace gardens and a few rooms inside the Palace. Then when they reach The Emperor's room, they find him sleeping soundly, they are then forced to jump into his throat and explore his body as the mist is emanating from it.

Explorations While Shrunk
When Amaterasu is Issun's size, there is a lot of problems she will encounter, however, Issun is a big help. The Palace Guards will see them as bugs and will try to squish and sweep them up with their brush. They also encounter new Demons such as Blocking Spiders, Platform Spiders, Doom Mirrors and toxic water. Platform Spiders serve as a way for Amaterasu to travel to hard to reach areas as she can hitch a ride on their backs for a brief period. However, Blocking Spiders will hamper her explorations and hurt her, just like the Palace Guards. The are initially benign, however, when she learns Veil of Mist they become cantankerous and begin to block her way. Apart from the North Ryoshima Coast Devil Gate Trial, this is the only area where Doom Mirrors are found.
Amaterasu will finally be able to see what Issun looks like in person. Issun is initially annoyed with this as he claims Amaterasu does not even remember what he looks like. Issun proves very useful as he can warn Amaterasu of the dangers she faces while being his size. Amaterasu can also use her Celestial Brush to guide Issun to far away Treasure Chests and he will open them and return with the Treasure. He will also attack enemies if guided to them, much like Thief's Glove.

The Emperor's Palace is where Amaterasu meets Kasugami for the first time and learns Veil of Mist. Inside one of the treasure rooms in the Palace, a mysterious pot can be found. The mist inside the pot has mysterious relaxing properties and when Amaterasu uses Galestorm to blow it from the pot, Kasugami's constellation appears. Veil of Mist is used greatly in the dungeon for slowing down Blocking Spiders and Wind Doom Mirrors.

In the gardens, Amaterasu and Issun meet Kaguya for the first time. They hear her crying and she explains to them of how The Emperor ordered her arrest for no reason after she arrived to Sei'an City to sell her grandfather's bamboo wear. However, when The Emperor is cured, Amaterasu and Issun take control of his sleeping body and order her release.

Inside The Emperor
Amaterasu and Issun must explore The Emperor's body as the realise he is the true source of the mist. They jump into his mouth while he is sleeping and upon making it to his stomach, they find the demon Blight. The duo find out that it was Blight who was controlling The Emperor all along, he is the cause of the mist and it was him who ordered Kaguya's arrest. Amaterasu is forced to battle Blight until she destroys his sword, Goldnail, which ends his life. The mist surrounding the city then disappears.

Explorations While Normal Sized
After curing The Emperor, Amaterasu is free to explore the grounds of the Palace which is a lot less formidable. Although she can never explore The Emperor's body again, she is free to return to his Palace as many times as she wants. A Stray Bead can even be found in a chest buried in the ground. Many of the obstacles she faces while shrunk can clearly be seen in the garden. The Emperor will happily trade Holy Artifacts for Demon Fangs and it is here Amaterasu can obtain the elusive yet useful Fog Pot.

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