The Hanagami

The Hanagami are a trio of monkeys that teach three flora-based Brush Techniques. Each of these gods has to be freed separately and will teach a different sub-technique (Bloom, Water Lily and Vine); the three Brush Strokes are collectively known as Greensprout. The three monkeys have white fur and red markings like all the other Brush Gods and each of them plays a different instrument.


[edit] Sakigami

Sakigami in Okami
RaceBrush God
LocationHana Valley
Brush TechniqueBloom

Sakigami is the first of The Hanagami that you will meet. He plays a shō and his constellation is found in Hana Valley. He teaches Amaterasu the "Bloom" technique, which is a crucial part of the game. This is because it is needed to revive the Guardian Saplings that get rid of the Orochi's cursed zones.

[edit] Bloom Brush Technique

Bloom works by drawing a circle around a flower or tree. The flower or tree will then bloom with life. Sometimes, if used near the sky, Bloom will turn into Sunrise instead.
Bloom also has the following effects:

  • Buds can be found on the ground, generally in Agata Forest, and if Bloom is used on these they will open and an item will come out. The same can be said for the enemy Bud Ogre, because if Bloom is used on a stunned one's bud, their vulnerable core will be revealed.
  • Bloom can also be used to lighten a character's spirits. They will begin to pet Amaterasu after it is used, but if she's too far away they will walk off, disappointed. If it is used in the Digging mini-game the character will speed up. If used on an Oina Tribe member, they will change to their wolf forms.
  • Ammy can now simply dot the ground and a tree will sprout up, although this will eventually fade. It can be used to block an oncoming attack or even damage the enemy if placed underneath them.
  • Even when a Guardian Sapling is revived, patches of cursed grass may remain in the area. Ammy can now use Bloom to revive these areas by drawing a circle around them. This will also give Ammy some Praise and perhaps reveal a Clover or Animals to feed.
  • Bloom can also be used in the digging for water mini-game, where you can bloom a bud and receive extra time.

[edit] Hasugami

Hasugami in Okami
RaceBrush God
LocationKamiki Village
Brush TechniqueWater Lily

Hasugami is the second flora god you will meet. He looks the same as the other Brush Gods and plays a shakuhachi. He teaches Ammy the Water Lily brushstroke and his constellation can be found in Kamiki Village after you have helped Mr. Orange with the Konohana Shuffle.

[edit] Water Lily Brush Technique

By drawing a circle in the water, Water Lily allows Ammy to travel across water. It creates a giant lily pad for her to stand on. Three can be made at a time before one fades, and the Galestorm Brush Technique can be used to move the lily pad.
It can also be used to ferry people around in a mini game in Sei'an City.

[edit] Tsutagami

Tsutagami in Okami
RaceBrush God
LocationTsuta Ruins
Brush TechniqueVine

Tsutagami is the last of the flora gods. He has the same appearance as the other two Hanagami, but he plays a pair of cymbals. His constellation is found inside the Tsuta Ruins and he teaches Ammy the Vine brush technique.

[edit] Vine Brush Technique

This allows Amaterasu to draw a line from any open Konohana Blossom to herself. A vine will then pull her towards the flower, thus enabling her to travel to out-of-reach places. If the flower is facing downwards, Ammy will fall if she does not Vine herself to another one. Vine can also be used to open objects with hooks if Ammy attaches them to a Konohana Blossom, but sometimes multiple vines are needed for the technique to work.

[edit] Okamiden

Only Sakigami and Tsutagami make a reappearance in Okamiden, meaning that Chibiterasu never learns Water Lily. Each of them brings their child to meet Chibiterasu. Ko-Tsutagami plays a bugle and Ko-Sakigami carries a den-den daiko, which is a type of rattle drum.

Bloom is learned upon exploration of Hana Valley with Kuni. A statue of Sakigami can be found and, when examined, a constellation will appear. Bloom now replaces Water Lily as, instead of having its own Brush Technique, Bloom can be used to blossom a bud on top of the water that will transform into a path of water lilies that can be crossed.

Vine is learned with Nanami in the 5-Story Pagoda. A statue of Tsutagami can be found in what appears to be a Dogu head that has crashed through the walls of the Pagoda. Vine can now be used to pull Chibiterasu towards her partner if she has guided them away.

[edit] Trivia

  • Although The Hanagami represent the monkey in the Chinese Zodiac, they also represent the three monkeys from the proverb "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" (mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru). Sakigami cannot see because his eyes are blocked, Hasugami has an instrument in his mouth so he cannot speak, and Tsutagami is playing loud cymbals so he cannot hear.
  • It is the Brush Technique Bloom that causes flowers to sprout where ever Ammy walks.
  • The ink on the Celestial Brush will turn dark green when it is over something that the Greensprout techniques can be used on.
  • The word Saku means to bloom.
  • The word Hasu means Lotus.
  • The word Tsuta means to spread.
  • The Kanji for "Tie Up" will appear on screen after Vine is used.
  • Amaterasu will gain back all three of the Greensprout Brush Techniques at once in her final battle with Yami.

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