The landscape
Connects ToLocated over Nippon
Notable Inhabitant(s)Thunders
EnemiesThunder Ear
ItemsThunderstorm Brush Technique
Issun's Masterpiece

Thundercloud is new area found only in Okamiden and it is the home of the Thunders race. It is a floating island found high above the clouds over Nippon. When Chibiterasu and Kurow first encounter it, it is right above the Moon Tribe Ruins. It is then explained that the island can float from place to place. It is currently above the Ruins as Gen needed the Thunders to create electricity to enable him to excavate the Ruins. It can only be reached by means of a Galestorm Mini Game. Thundercloud is also where Chibiterasu learns Thunderstorm. It is a single tour area.

The path to Thundercloud

Chibiterasu first must travel there with Kurow as a thunderstorm is hampering their exploration of the Moon Tribe Ruins. The duo soon learn that the storm is indeed coming from Thundercloud as a band are creating thunder bolts by playing their instruments. If Chibiterasu and Kurow are successful in showing their love for music, the band will stop playing their instruments. They will then gift the duo with a handheld drum that negates electrical currents.

[edit] Reaching the Island

Chibiterasu's newly acquired Galestorm Brush Technique is essential for reaching the island. The duo's first attempt to reach the island are in vain as, although Kurow's wings are strong enough to lift the both of them, strong gusts of wind quickly blow them off course. After landing in Agata Forest, searching the Demon Market for the wings and then the missing feather and finally learning Galestorm, they are ready to take off again. Once again, strong winds will try to blow the off course however, Galestorm can now be used to stop them. Drawing a swirl in the opposite direction to the direction the wind is going, will cause the wind to stop blowing momentarily, allowing Kurow and Chibiterasu to make progress safely. However, the closer they get to the island, the stronger and faster the winds will blow.

[edit] Landscape

Thunder's Mini Game at the summit

Thundercloud is indeed a giant island made of clouds, however they are solid so Chibiterasu has no problem walking over them. Chibiterasu can also use Water Spout to drag water over to clouds causing them to sprout rainbows which can then be used as bridges. The island is also littered with Treasure Chests sporting electric locks that cannot be opened till Thunder Storm is learned. The island is littered with drums that must be used to climb heights. The surface of the drums bounces up and down, so if Chibiterasu times his jumps to match the movements of the drums, he will be shot into the air. Thunderstorms rage constantly in the island, so often damaging bolts of electricity will shoot from the island's walls in specific places.

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