First EncounterMoon Cave Nine Months Ago
WeaknessesPower Slash
Attack(s)Severing Guidance

Tonsure is a Demon exclusive to Okamiden. It is the spirit of a woman who never found love, so it mischievously cuts people's hair off. As it is so vengeful it becomes angry at the beauty of humans and thus removes their hair without warning.

They are Sentry Beasts, meaning they appear outside of Demon Scrolls. They hover in the air and usually try to attack Chibiterasu's partner when he is using Guidance. This severs the guidance path forcing Chibiterasu to have to draw it again. It also hurts his partner. Power Slash must be used to destroy them, however, this can only be done after they have awoken to attack a partner that is being guided, otherwise it will simply bounce off them. They are first encountered in Moon Cave nine months in the past.

[edit] Origins

Tonsure is the act of cutting ones hair before entering religious orders as a symbol of the rejection of worldly fashions and esteems.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"A mischievous demon that cuts off people's hair without warning. Originally a woman who never found love, this vengeful spirit is enraged by the beauty of humans, and thus tries to remove their hair."

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