Trinkets are items that Chibiterasu can equip in Okamiden to help him on his quest. They are quite similar to Holy Artifacts from Okami , however only two make a return. They cannot be bought or traded, instead they an only be acquired through side quests and completing the game. All Trinkets carry over when the player starts a New Game +.

Chibiterasu can only equip three Trinkets at the one time. In Okamiden, Karmic Transformers count as Trinkets, however, they do not count towards the limit. Instead there is only five items that count.


[edit] Peace Bell

The Peace Bell is gotten by completing Issun's Masterpiece No. 2. When Chibiterasu is equipped with it, it will stop Demon Scrolls from following him and trying to force him to enter a battle inside them. However, it does not prevent him from running into them and entering a battle.

[edit] Lucky Cat Paw

This is gotten by chasing the Tanuki around Yakushi Village. After the Tanuki has migrated to Yakushi Village he will offer to sell Chibiterasu a rare item for 10,000 Yen. However, it turns out to only be a rather worthless Stray Bead. Chibiterasu' partner will suggest chasing him around for a refund. When he is found three times, he will give Chibiterasu his money back and the Lucky Cat Paw, or another Stray Bead if the Lucky Cat Paw has been carried over. The Lucky Cat Paw increases the money Chibiterasu gets as drops from Demon Scrolls.

[edit] Golden Cat

The Golden Cat is rather like the Lucky Cat from Okami as when equipped it attracts money and items to Chibiterasu. It draws in Yen, Demon Parts, Manifest drops, Lucky Coins, Rice Balls, Solar Orbs etc. However, it will not work on items that come from Treasure Chests. It also only has a limited radius. It is unlocked after completing Issun's Masterpiece No. 4

[edit] Scent Charm

The Scent Charm enables Chibiterasu to recover some health each time he attacks a Demon. It is unlocked after completing Issun's Masterpiece No. 5

[edit] Karmic Transformers

They alter Chibiterasu's appearance. However, the Restoration Spell returns him to normal.

Restoration Spell: Complete the game.
Dark Sun Spell: Complete the game
Painter's Legend Spell: Complete the Bestiary Entries which can be done by battling every Demon in the game.
Moon's Legacy: This is obtained by completing the Treasure Tomb, which is done by collecting one of each type of Treasure.
First Sunrise Spell: Complete all of the above.

[edit] String of Beads

This is similar to the String of Beads in Okami. It is unlocked by completing all of Issun's Masterpieces. It gives Chibiterasu unlimited Ink and Solar Energy, however, he does not get an attack boost like in Okami. Although he cannot be killed, Chibiterasu can be stunned.

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