Amaterasu and Tsumugari
ObtainedOkami: Received after the Orochi.
Okamiden: 5-Story Pagoda
Okamiden UpgradesLight Sword
Feather Sword

Tsumugari is a first tier Glaive, the weakest of the five Glaives and thus takes a while to recharge. It is first obtained after you beat Orochi, which occurs halfway through the game. Like the majority of Glaives it has a spinning lunge when attacking on the ground.
It is blue in colour and has a golden circular design on the hilt.


[edit] Origins

Tsumugari is actually the reborn form of the Glaive Tsukuyomi that Nagi used to slay the True Orochi and seal him away in Moon Cave. However, Susano removes it from the shrine in order to try and prove that the myths about his ancestors are false. However, as the myths were true, the Orochi was set free to curse the lands. In a frightened haste, Susano dropped the sword and ran for his life. The Orochi then consumed the sword to prevent it from being used to seal him away again. Once Amaterasu destroys the Orochi, the sword is freed and it becomes reborn into Tsumugari and is imparted to Amaterasu as a Divine Instrument.

[edit] Weapons Entry

"Hold and release button for charged attacks with Orochi's Glaive."

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Okamiden

Chibiterasu will find this when he explores the 5-Story Pagoda. It can then be upgraded into the Light Sword and then the Feather Sword by the Blacksmith in Yakushi Village in exchange for Demon Parts and Lucky Coins.

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