Tsuta Ruins

Tsuta Ruins
Inside the Ruins
Okamiden (Entrance Only)
Connects ToAgata Forest
Notable Inhabitant(s)Tsutagami
Spider Queen
Bud Ogre
ItemsVine Brush Technique
Stray Beads
Snarling Beast

Tsuta Ruins is the first proper dungeon Amaterasu and Issun explore. The entrance to it is found in Agata Forest however there is a lock on it and the key can only be retrieved by Fishing for it with Kokari. The key is revealed to be in the belly of the Giant Salmon. Amaterasu must explore it to find Kokari's dog, Ume.

The Dungeon must be explored in separate parts as at first there is a purple toxic liquid that Amatersu cannot pass over and burns her lily pads. She needs to find the Dungeon's constellation and learn the Brush Technique Vine first. The dungeon then mostly features Konohana Blossoms as both a means of travel and solving puzzles. It's most prominent feature is a giant stone Dogu which Amaterasu must climb and enter.

Amaterasu also meets her first Blockhead here and he must be defeated to continue through the game. Although he is the only Blockhead that needs to be defeated to progress in the game. The Dungeons boss is the Spider Queen and she must use her new vine skill to defeat her and free Ume whom the Spider Queen had captured for lunch.

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