Chef Umi
LocationHis restaurant in North Ryoshima Coast.

Umi owns a restaurant by the beach in North Ryoshima Coast. On an island off North Ryoshima Coast Amaterasu will find a Fisherman who has been sent by Umi to catch a Marlin for his restaurant. If Amaterasu gives the Fisherman the Marlin Rod, which can be bought in Sei'an City, a Fishing game will commence. After she catchs the Marlin the Fisherman will return it to the restaurant. Here Amaterasu will learn the Secret Brush Technique, Whirlwind, by helping Umi prepare the Marlin.

[edit] Okamiden

Umi and his restaurant do not reappear as the whole of North Ryoshima Coast has dramatically changed. Where his restaurant once lay, are now the uncovered ruins of the Moon Tribe Ruins.

[edit] Based On

Umi and his restaurant, along with Yama and his cafe, are based on the Japanese story of "The Restaurant of Many Orders".

The word Umi means "sea". A possible reference to where his restaurant is located.

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