Veil of Mist

Veil of Mist
Veil of mist1.jpg
Granted byKasugami
LocationThe Emperor's Palace
Power(s)Slows down time
Upgrade(s)Fog Pot

Veil of Mist is taught by Kasugami. It cannot hurt enemies itself but instead it slows down time for about four seconds. This slowing of time allows the player to sneak by someone, get around an enemy to attack their weak spot and even get past a moving object. It works by drawing two horizontal lines across the screen. This technique is usually spammed in conjunction with vengeance slips and iron fist sake to clear devil gate trials with ease (most notably kamui.)
After learning the move Veil of Mist, the player can buy the Fog Pot from The Emperor. This allows Amaterasu to use Mist Warp which enables her to teleport between Ultimate Origin Mirrors.

[edit] Okamiden

Veil of Mist is a brush technique exclusive to Okami. However, Mist Warp has been replaced with an Enchantment Slip that allows Chibiterasu to warp between Origin Mirrors with Kagu's powers.

[edit] Trivia

  • If you use Veil of Mist during the final battle with Yami, Queen Himiko will appear and give you Solar Orbs
  • The Kanji for "stillness" will appear on screen after its use.

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