Volcanic Incantation

Volcanic Incantation
Lika preforming the Volcanic Incantation.
Notable EventsVolcanic Eruption and warming of Kamui
Notable CharactersLika

The Volcanic Incantation is a passage that must be said by a chosen member of the Oina Tribe once a year in Ezofuji. The incantation makes the twin volcanoes of Ezofuji erupt so that Kamui will not completely freeze over but instead become fertile and warm.

The Volcanic Incantation is usually recited by Kemu however as he was attacked by Lechku and Nechku he became to weak to recite it so he passed it onto Lika. However the Twin Demons had a plan to freeze Kamui over so that they could take it over, this plan involved stealing Lika away so that no one would be able to recite the incantation, making Kamui impossible to live in.

However Amaterasu and Issun come to the rescue and find Lika at the other side of the Spirit Gate, after this they return her to Wep'keer and she recites the incantation just in time.

Kemu performing the Volcanic Incantation
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