Wawku Shrine

Wawku Shrine
Connects ToEzofuji
Notable Inhabitant(s)Itegami
Lechku and Nechku
Great Tengu
Bull Charger
ItemsBlizzard Brush Technique
Ice Storm Secret Brush Technique
Solar Flare
Stray Beads

Wawku Shrine is an Okami exclusive area. It is the last dungeon in the game. It lies before the twin peaks of Ezofuji just north of Kamui. In order to reach Wawku Shrine you must pass the Affun Gate which was unfortunately bolted shut after monsters started attacking the Oina, however Oki opens it in a rage after being defeated by the Orochi.
The Dungeon's bosses are the twin demons Lechku and Nechku and the dungeon is also home to Itegami who will teach you the last of the Celestial Brush Techniques.

The boss battle is unique as not only do you have two opponents but you must battle them twice, each time teaming up with a different person. Near the start of Wawku Shrine you are attacked by Nechku and you must fight him with Shiranui after this at the end of the dungeon after you have mastered the Brush Technique Blizzard you must fight both Lechku and Nechku with the help of Oki.

The dungeon centres greatly around puzzles and Celestial Brush Techniques, most notably Veil of Mist, Catwalk, Inferno and Blizzard when you learn it. The puzzles often require you to change your angle of view and tactics many times.
The shrine features a lot of mechanical objects including a giant phonograph that is spewing a Blizzard out over Kamui. Wawku Shrine is also heavily guarded by cannons which shoot so quick you cannot see it till you're hit, the cannons will also track your movements so you must use Veil of Mist so you can see the cannon ball and deflect it back.

[edit] Trivia

  • The floor pattern in the elevator room is associated with the lunar Zodiac.

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