The Greatest Archer Yoichi
LocationCity Checkpoint
North Ryoshima Coast

Yoichi claims himself to be the best Archer in all of Nippon, he claims there is no target his bow Goldenfire cannot hit. We first meet him at City Checkpoint where he is working as a guard and will not let the bridge up. Yoichi also shares his apples with Amaterasu every time she meets him.

He seems like just an ordinary character at first however Amaterasu must use his arrows along with her Brush Techniques to make certain things happen. The first example of this is when Amaterasu must use Inferno on his arrows to raise the bridge to Ryoshima Coast. This causes Yoichi to give up his job and travel around Nippon honing his skills. Amaterasu does not meet him again until she heads to North Ryoshima Coast where he is practicing by hitting an unbreakable fruit with an arrow. If Amaterasu hits the arrow with Waterspout just before the arrow hits the fruit the fruit will ripen and smash. This shocks Yoichi so he gets flustered and leaves. We have our final encounter with Yoichi in Kamui, Amaterasu most electrify his arrow with Thunderstorm to make a mountain explode. After this he believes his arrows have been blessed by the Gods and he leaves forever to start a new life filled with archery.

[edit] Based On

Yoichi is based on the legendary samurai and archer Nasu no Yoichi who fought with the Minamoto Clan in the Genpei War. The story goes that the enemies placed a fan on top of their ships that apparently protected it from archers but Nasu no Yoichi managed to shoot it down in one shot. However after a defeat he retired as a Buddhist monk.

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