Yomigami and his children in Okamiden
RaceBrush God
LocationOkami: Cave of Nagi
Okamiden: Kamiki Village
Brush TechniqueRejuvination

Yomigami is the first Brush God you will come across. He teaches the skill of Rejuvination, which repairs any broken item.


[edit] Appearance

Yomigami is a white, four armed dragon, with a scroll of paper attached to his tail. Like all the brush gods, he has red markings on him, mainly on his forehead and his elbows. He holds four different orbs, one green, one yellow, one pink and one red.

[edit] Brush Stroke

Yomigami teaches the Rejuvination technique, meaning that by drawing over a broken or missing object, it can be replaced. It is the only Brush Stroke Issun knows and he used it to demonstrate fixing a bridge.

[edit] Okamiden

Yomigami makes a reappearance in Okamiden to teach Chibiterasu Rejuvenation. He appears after Sakuya's tree gets stuck by lightening and destroyed. He is also accompanied by his children. Unlike the other Brush Gods, whose children are the same species a them, Yomigami's children are sea horses. However, sea horse translates to little dragon in Japanese.

[edit] Trivia

  • The word Yomigaeru, from which Yomigami likely gets his name, means to be ressurected.

[edit] Gallery

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