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Yoshpet is an Okami exclusive area. It is a forest in Ezofuji, it's name translates into "The Consuming Forest". This is a very fitting title as those who enter the forest foolishly rarely come back out alive. This is because the air contains a mist that confuses people and animals if they inhale it for too long.
Yoshpet has to areas Outer and Inner Yoshpet with a beautiful and peaceful area in the middle of the where Ponc'tan is. At the end of Yoshpet the Spirit Gate can be found.

In order to enter Yoshpet Amaterasu needs to get the Sewaprolo from Tuskle, she also needs a native to guide her through. This is Kai the first time she enters it and Issun all the other times.

Traveling through Yoshpet is a Racing Mini Game. Amaterasu has five minutes to travel through each half of the forest however extra time crystals can be found, if time runs out she will be transported to the last entrance however all her injuries will remain. The forest is a maze with lots of dead ends and hazards such as falling icicles, Cursed Trees and poisonous plants.
However not following the guide's path has a lot of rewards, these include shortcuts, Treasure Chests and even a Stray Bead.

If you return to Yoshpet after defeating Lechku and Nechku Kai will challenge you to a Racing Mini Game with the reward being a Stray Bead. In this race you have to beat her and keep within the time limit.

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