Yumigami in Okami
RaceBrush God
LocationAgata Forest
Brush TechniqueCrescent

Yumigami is an Okami exclusive Brush God. She is the God of the Moon. She takes the form of a rabbit and like all Brush Gods she has white fur and red markings. She carries a hammer which she uses to pound mochi. She is found above the Deep Abyss in Agata Forest. You must catch three Fish, the last one being the Whopper, to reveal her constellation.

[edit] Crescent

The Crescent Brushstroke is the opposite of Sunrise. By drawing a backwards "C" in the sky, the player can turn day into night after a short cut scene. If used at night the time reverts back to the start of night.

Both Yami in Okami and Dark Chibiterasu in Okamiden wield a Crescent Style move called Sunset. This will make the sun completely disappear and shroud the earth in eternal darkness, stripping Amaterasu and Chibiterasu momentarily all their Ink Pots and make the user invincible.

[edit] Trivia

  • East Asian folklore depicts the shadows on the moon to be a rabbit who is pounding a mortar. This explains the cut scene that happens when Amaterasu frees Yumigami, as we see her pounding Mochi and Amaterasu tries to help.
  • Yumigami becomes angry when Amaterasu attempts to touch her Mochi. This perhaps hints on a possible conflict between the Moon and the Sun, two natural opposites.
  • If you draw a crescent during the final battle with Yami, a giant version Nagi will come and chop Yami in half.
  • The Kanji for "Evening" appear on screen after its use.
  • The word Yumi means crescent moon.

[edit] Gallery

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